4 Common ITIL® Misconceptions

Insights | 11 September 2014

ITIL, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is the most widely accepted IT-process management framework in the world. It has been recognised as the de facto standard for managing IT organisations and describes the processes required for managing an IT infrastructure efficiently and effectively in order to guarantee the service levels agreed upon by the IT organisation and its customers.

Despite being an incredibly popular and recognised framework, there are still many misconceptions used with the concept of ITIL.

Our Top 4 ITIL ® Misconceptions:

  1. It’s only relevant to large organisations. Medium to large organisations may have many more people involved in the processes, but the principles can apply to any sized organisation.
  2. We tried it and it didn’t ‘fit’. The idea of ITIL is that it should be customised and adapted to suit. If it was too cumbersome or bureaucratic, then it was never designed right in the first place. In reality ITIL describes what to do as opposed to how to do it, so it is up to the individual organisation to determine what is best for them.
  3. ITIL is a lot of rules, and we need flexibility. ITIL isn’t about rules – it’s a collection of other people’s ideas and should be viewed as a set of best practice suggestions or guidelines rather than strict, unbreakable rules. In other words don’t spend too much time on processes!
  4. We can’t make that much change all at once. The principles of ITIL are best applied gradually – not all at once. ITIL is not a quick fix, and cannot be implemented quickly. Most organisation apply portions of ITIL to improve certain areas within their services (for example, Incident and Change Management are usually the first).

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