Implementation support, advice or guidance to obtain the right reports on major projects.

More than ever before organisations need visibility, transparency and decision control across their project investments to make sure the most valuable work, in alignment with strategic intent, is completed first.

In most organisations, multiple projects, programmes and initiatives co-exist. They all have various complexities and priorities, some are strategic, some tactical and some are futile.

Project and Portfolio Management or Enterprise Project Management is a framework, system and mindset to facilitate transparency and management support at an organisational level. By monitoring and assessing the value and status of all projects it is possible to achieve an enterprise wide view, make informed decisions and prioritise work in alignment with strategic intent.

To achieve this, organisations implement PPM and EPM systems. Implementation, however, needs to be considered in association with capability, maturity, methodology direction (Traditional and Agile), processes and systems that are currently in place.

Successful adoption involves not only establishing enterprise working principles, but also generating consensus on the approach, engagement from key management, and delivery teams.

What can we do for you:

For over a decade we have provided project systems implementation support and advice to some of Australia’s leading organisations. We can help you:

  • Assess your organisational readiness and maturity prior to deployment
  • Plan your implementation, pilot and phase deployment to maximise adoption value
  • Gather requirements and define the best method of implementation and configuration for your organisation by obtaining a thorough understanding of your business opportunities and challenges
  • Prepare the organisation for implementation
  • Plan, prioritise and implement Microsoft Project Server or review your current installation
  • Create custom templates and standards to save time and simplify use
  • Improve capability by training your team or coaching them on the job
  • Assess problems, document a plan of action and help improve a challenged implementation

A system investment cannot be realised until your people are more productive, and faster, better decisions are made. Our experience of past deployments, lessons learnt, and holistic approach equips our consultants to provide you with the advice and support needed to accelerate adoption.