AgilePM® v2 – FAQs

AgilePM® v2 – FAQs

Insights | 20 October 2015

Understanding agile methods and applying agile ways to projects are becoming more common and project managers with this knowledge are highly sought after.

To help you stay ahead, here we explore your FAQs for the latest version of AgilePM based on the Agile Project Management Handbook v2 from DSDM®.

Why has the AgilePM® handbook been updated?

Agile thinking has evolved since AgilePM was first released. The latest AgilePM reflects current agile thinking and experience of DSDM in practice in a dynamic and complex world. The Agile Project Framework from the DSDM Consortium forms the base for this latest version of AgilePM.

How long is the Foundation exam for AgilePM® v2?

The Foundation examination is a still a 40 minute, 50 question, closed book multiple choice paper. The pass mark is 25 out of 50 (50%). The Foundation examination addresses knowledge of the terminology associated with the method and a high level understanding of the concepts. A pass in the Agile Project Management Foundation Exam remains a pre-requisite for Practitioner.

I’ve heard that the length of the Practitioner exam has changed under v2. Is that correct?

Yes, that is correct. Under AgilePM v2, the Practitioner exam is now a 2.5 hour (previously 2hr) open book, multiple choice examination based on a project scenario, with a total of 4 questions. The pass mark is 40 out of a possible 80 (50%). The Practitioner exam tests knowledge, understanding, application, analysis and evaluation of the method.

Do I need to be a member of any organisation to take the AgilePM® exams?

No, you do not have to be a member of any organisation. The Foundation and Practitioner exams are included as part of the relevant training workshop. Participants register for their exams as part of the workshop.

Who is the target audience for AgilePM®?

The AgilePM workshops are suitable for anyone working in an agile environment including Project Managers, Technical Co-ordinators and Team Managers/Leaders, Subject Matter Experts and Business Analysts, Solution Testers and Developers and PMO members.

If I already have my AgilePM® Practitioner certification based on a prior release to the v2 handbook, do I need to upgrade?

The AgilePM Practitioner certification is valid for 5 years. Practitioners should re-register within 3-5 years of their original certification in order to demonstrate their commitment to professional development. If your re-registration falls after the release of a new handbook and exam, then your exam will be on the latest release of AgilePM.

When is the latest I can do the exams based on the current (v1.2) version of the Handbook?

As of 1 October 2015 we have cut over our workshops to AgilePM v2.

If you have any other question on the latest version of the AgilePM® handbook please speak to one of our Professional Development Consultants on 1300 70 13 14 or send us an email

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