The art and science of project management practice

Insights | 16 October 2009

The science of project management relates to the process – how a project is planned, executed and delivered, while the art is all about the people, their communication and how they work together to deliver a successful outcome.

A long running debate in our industry centres around whether people or process is more important. If you have good people, does that naturally lead to successful project delivery? If you have weak people, can they be trained up to achieve a project’s goals?

At PM-Partners, we believe it’s not that black and white. The project management methodology needs to be scalable, adaptable and structured at the same time but the people involved ultimately determine a project’s fate.

That’s why education and training plays a huge role in project management practice. At PM-Partners, we are passionate about delivering fully certified training that covers both the science of project management and the role people play in project execution and project quality. The great news is that people can enhance a project as much as they can challenge it. Communication is often the key with a constant flow of information between stakeholders and project managers an imperative element in the strategic execution of successful projects.

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