PM-Partners Affirms Asian Business Launch

Insights | 26 November 2014

Just quietly, PM-Partners has been doing business in Asia for around five years. But we didn’t want to shout about it, till we found our feet. Doing business in Asia is a different ballgame and we wanted to be sure we’d learnt enough to proceed with confidence. As a mark of such, we’ve now appointed a Head of Asian Business to support our ongoing commitment in providing world-leading project management services right across the Asia-Pacific.

Each year PM-Partners delivers over $3 billion worth of projects. We train and certify over 9,500 people. And help small, medium and large businesses build their project management capabilities. Up until recently, the focus has been primarily on service delivery to our Australian-based multinational client base.

However, over the last year or so, we’ve seen a significant increase in demand from existing clients to help with project management and business analysis capability uplift well beyond Australian borders, particularly through our advisory and training services. General economic growth and word-of-mouth has played a big part in driving up demand, allowing PM-Partners to play a much bigger role in improving project management across Asia. Happily, we’ve anticipated this demand by moving into Asia early and learning the ropes, so that now we can be responsive to our clients’ needs and demands.

Now, as we boldly gear-up our Asian operations, we will be launching in-house and public training programmes in Singapore. We’re hoping it’s the shape of big things to come, as we introduce a new, premium brand for project management and business analysis training and certification. So, already, Singaporean companies, at least, can leverage PM-Partners well-documented expertise and experience to enhance their project management capabilities. And PM-Partners is making its commitment to Singapore, with the appointment of John Kastoun, as PM-Partners group Singapore’s Head of Asian Business.

John has already enjoyed a decade working for PM-Partners group in Australia and Asia and brings a wealth of best practice, pragmatic project management experience to the region, with a team of over 190 experienced and qualified practitioners, trainers and consultants to help service new and existing client requirements. It’s a concrete measure of just how serious about doing business in Asia PM-Partners is. We’re not just dipping a toe in the water. But over 1,900 of them.
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1 thought on “PM-Partners Affirms Asian Business Launch”

  1. Gavin Wyper says:

    Congrats on the official launch of your Asia Branch. I would be keen to take on roles in Asia if and when they come up.

    Cheers, Gavin Wyper
    Prince Practitioner

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