Assurance Trends and Themes

Assurance Trends and Themes

Whitepapers | 06 November 2014

Let’s take a look at the 4 Assurance Trends and Themes to set your Programmes and Projects up for Success.

What is Assurance?

Assurance provides an independent and objective view of how programme / project delivery is set up to deliver overall success, and can generally be undertaken in one of three ways:

START OF DELIVERY:  Set Up For Success

Assesses overall approach, stakeholder engagement, key risks, and governance structures to ensure that the correct fundamentals (as they apply to this unique initiative) are in place from the outset


Facilitates early identification of issues, and provides actionable feedback, thus enhancing overall delivery efficiency and effectiveness towards business objectives.

AFTER DELIVERY:  Post Implementation Review

Assesses whether objectives were met, captures success and learnings, and provides actionable feedback for future initiatives with common attributes or approaches

While Post Implementation Reviews in their own right serve a valuable purpose in capturing successes and lessons learnt, undertaking assurance activities only at the end of a programme or project has limited value to the initiative at hand. Early assurance provides timely capture of successes and lessons learnt, inclusion of recommendation into the current initiative, AND potentially benefiting other similar programmes and projects as early as possible.

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