Benefits of Lean Six Sigma

Insights | 29 April 2014

Lean Six Sigma is a management approach for business performance improvement, blending the specialisms of Lean and Six Sigma.  Lean focuses on speed, efficiency and reducing waste; Six Sigma’s strength is in continuous improvement including effectiveness and removal of errors.

We are going to shift the paradigm from fixing products to fixing and developing processes, so they produce nothing but perfection or close to it.”

Jack Welsh

The result of combining these two approaches is a powerful management tool that can improve organisational performance.  What does this mean, however, for individuals and your organisation? Here we review the benefits for individuals and organisations.

Benefits for individuals

  • Lean Six Sigma accreditations are internationally recognised – achievement of an accreditation is recognition that an individual has attained a level of knowledge in accordance with certification standards
  • Improve your understanding and awareness of Lean Six Sigma
  • Enhanced professional competence through Lean Six Sigma practices and techniques
  • Gain sufficient understanding of Lean Six Sigma to be able to work effectively with, or as a member of, a process improvement team working in an environment supporting Lean Six Sigma
  • Learn to analyse and refine processes to improve efficiency and remove waste using Lean
  • Apply Six Sigma principles and techniques to reduce process variation and improve quality and consistency
  • Contribute to your continuing professional development
  • Enhance your career options

Benefits for organisations

  • Enhances organisational capability
  • Assists in closing the gap between strategy and actual performance – so enabling sustainable high performance
  • Enables a ‘common language’ for business performance improvement
  • Accelerates problem solving
  • Increases organisational resilience to change (current research indicates that 75% of organisations that use Lean Six Sigma methodologies report significant financial benefits)
  • Enables staff to be trained in a proven business improvement approach, equipping them with the tools to improve existing processes and develop effective new processes
  • Adds value for customers, employees and shareholders by minimising process variation and waste
  • Improves performance and reduces timescales for Lean Six Sigma projects.

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