PeopleCert are a global organisation (around the same size as PM-Partners) and at a glance have:

  • Delivered 5m+ exams to date
  • 10,000 exam locations across 190+ countries

I met with everyone from the CEO, CFO to commercial operations, product development, marketing and the call centre.   Each time I was introduced, it was emphasised that PM-Partners was PeopleCert’s strategic (and largest) Australian partner. A tour of the offices included watching live proctoring of exams and visiting the secure area where exams are produced.

We talk about the importance of collaboration, transparency and applying an ‘agile’ mindset – well this was a great opportunity to meet with one our business partners.  I could literally ‘feel’ the difference in the relationship on our first conference call with Athens once I was back home.

The idea now is to explore other ‘best practice’ offerings and accreditations we can offer, including contributing to new international accreditations.

And did I mention that you could see the Acropolis from the office? 😊