Uncovering the Business Value of Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management

Insights | 20 September 2011

If you’re a CEO or General Manager you need visibility over your business in order to make decisions and prioritise projects. Chances are your business has multiple projects on the go. But how do you get a top level view on cost control, use of resources and performance of the various projects across your business?

Introducing Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management

Project management tools have been available for many years and most enable project planning from the bottom up. In other words, the project manager enters in costs, resources etc and the software helps him/her to keep track of the project. To date, few systems have focused on portfolio management that give businesses visibility over all the projects from the top down. PPM (Project Portfolio Management) systems help highlight issues such as escalating costs, squandered resources and conflicting priorities so they can be addressed.

Benefits of Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management Systems:

  • Improve resource scheduling
  • Optimise project and resource prioritisation and selection
  • Gain visibility through project dashboards
  • Improved resource utilisation and modelling
  • Resource capacity planning simplified and traceable
  • Faster and simpler time and cost capture
  • Can be provided online (no infrastructure) or on premises

Helping you Find the Right Project & Portfolio Management Solution

The PM-Partners group have become implementation partners for two leading Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management software providers so we can facilitate the deployment of EPM to our customers. As project management consultants, our focus is on helping you work out the best solution according to your level of project management maturity and the complexity of your project portfolio.  If this means deploying a high level framework to get started we have a great solution, alternatively if an EPM system is required, we now have three options available:

Planview is a sophisticated market leading solution used worldwide by leading organisations, ideal for enterprise, multiple or complex project portfolio environments. Rated as a leading visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Portfolio Management.

iPlanWare is simple to use, fast to set up system, based on cloud computing, so there’s no investment in software or ongoing IT maintenance issues. It is a pre-configured, out of the box solution; easy to set up and easy to use. Value is delivered quickly because of time saved in setting up bespoke systems in-house.

Virtual PMO is a packaged solution for organisations that do not have a project management methodology, portfolio management methodology or both.  It contains all the tools, templates, process flows and guidelines packaged within a simple to use EPM system.  We can provide the Virtual PMO out of the box for you to implement following brief training, implement for you to operate or as part of a managed service for a monthly fee.

Achieving project success is the key to gaining competitive advantage. Is your business finding it a challenge to manage your project portfolio effectively? Contact PM-Partners group to talk about your portfolio management further and the options available.

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