Continuous delivery improvement doesn’t need to be a challenge

Driving better product or project delivery results is a challenge for organisations of all shapes and size. Many invest in training, frameworks and coaching but don’t always see the results they had expected. Equally, the decision to move to agile may not achieve the desired outcomes, or perhaps the newly formed PMO didn’t dramatically improve performance as planned. The reason ‘why’ can be a simple question to answer as long as you have the right data.

Without the right data and analysis, organisations are making decisions based on best guess and instinct. This doesn’t have to be the case. When you have access to detailed data and insights, you can make educated decisions that drive improvement with a targeted approach that delivers results.

Drive your return on investment in Agile, projects and programme capabilities through data and analytics

PM-Partners' Capability Hub is a free to use tool* designed to help you learn, measure, and grow your delivery skills across Agile, Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), PMO, Project Management, Change Management and Business Analysis.

Community Hub dashboard

The PM-Partners' Capability Hub aims to help answer critical questions on your organisations ability to deliver business outcomes. For example:

  • How strong are your project execution capabilities?
  • Are you building agile skills and capabilities?
  • Is your SAFe® rollout having the impact you planned?
  • Are you running an effective PMO?

PM-Partners' Capability Hub allows you to leverage data and analytics to make critical decisions on where to invest, understand the reasons behind both over and under-performance.  Not only look for problems, but also identify areas of best practice and stellar performance to scale out across your organisation.

Capability Hub Improvement Process

The PM-Partners’ Capability Hub is a great tool for continuous improvement; easily re-assess your teams on a regular basis to identify gaps in learning or processes. By having access to this invaluable data, you can flex and plan as teams move and change, people join and leave, in addition to responding at pace to organisational disruption.

* Not all features and capabilities are free – these are restricted to selected PM-Partners’ customers.

How PM-Partners' Capability Hub works

Step 1: Online Assessment

Within the PM-Partners’ Capability Hub you will be able to run pre-built surveys to assess your current state across a range of delivery and capability areas. For example, in a few clicks you’re able to send your team a survey via email on a specific topic, like SAFe®, each person can click on the link to complete the survey and in minutes (anonymously if required) the data will start accumulating.

Wide range of assessments available

Step 2: Understand with Deep Dive Analytics

You can immediately assess your data across a range of analytical capabilities to gain critical insights including:

  • Seeing how teams are performing collectively and individually
  • See how you are trending over time to look for improvements or decline
  • Compare your results to results to anonymous “global” data to benchmark your performance
Powerful analytics within seconds

Step 3: Capability Improvement Mapping

By leveraging the data and analytics, you can quickly understand the core aspects behind improvement, decline, and any status quo. View at team or group level right down to the individuals who put together plans to lift capabilities across your organisation.  Equally, identify areas of exceptional results and best practice to leverage across your organisation.

Drill to detail for precision improvement pathways

Step 4: Improve and Execute

The data and analytics within PM-Partners' Capability Hub will allow you to execute on your uplift plans such as coaching, improved frameworks, training, and governance. Then you can run quick, interim assessments and compare your performance over time, to allow for on-going incremental improvement and tracking.

Quickly run new assessments to track progress

We invite you to become a “beta” customer!

PM-Partners’ Capability Hub is in the final stages of end-user testing and we are asking customers to sign up for our beta programme. Signing up will give you the following benefits:

  • Ability to request additional capabilities added into the product roadmap
  • Early access to advanced features
  • Free access to advanced features

Your application will be  reviewed within 24 business hours, once approved you will receive an email with your login details. In return, we simply ask you to use the tool within your organisation and provide feedback via a short 15-minute call. We will contact you three days after you have received your login details to schedule a time.