Agile PMO & Framework Design and Build

Background and Understanding: Bulletproof is a leading end-to-end cloud services provider across Australia and New Zealand, providing solutions such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, VMWare Hosting, and Hybrid Cloud, including DevOps and Agile implementation. Despite a high degree of employee capability, Bulletproof saw the need for their project and portfolio management processes to be reviewed and improved, enabling significant scalability; the result of significant growth. PM-Partners were engaged to review, assess and provide recommendations for improved approaches based on both agile thinking and traditional project management methods. Assessment: PM-Partners facilitated a high-level design workshop and a series of interviews with several stakeholders and team members from product development, internal projects, service delivery, leadership, and support. The workshop provided a forum for stakeholders to provide insight on their way of working, from both a ‘thinking’ and process perspective. PM-Partners then conducted an impact assessment, factoring in profitability, potential risk of brand damage, and potential impact to customers. Based on PM-Partners’ assessment, the following issues were detected:
  • No end-to-end visibility of work currently in the pipeline and undertaken
  • Inconsistency in processes across different areas (product management, project management, and service delivery)
  • Benefits unknown for internal project investments
Agile PMO and Framework Design and Build: With the objective of creating speed-to-market visibility, PM-Partners established an Agile PMO and a flexible framework that accommodated Bulletproof’s unique requirements. The framework was applied to new product developments as well as their client engagements. A working group was established to provide a platform for ideas, agreed formats, and approval for final artefacts. The framework was designed and built with the ability to scale as required. An enterprise portfolio view was quickly established, PMO objectives agreed and measurements for success were documented and applied. Change Management was a critical component to enable success for the Agile PMO and its framework. A change management and implementation plan was developed and a ‘change champion’ was identified to drive and embed the framework into the ‘Bulletproof way of working’. Outcomes: PM-Partners provided an actionable report identifying issues impacting end results and prioritised recommendations for Bulletproof to advance with. The following recommendations are being implemented with the support of PM-Partners Consultants:
  • Establish a Kanban portfolio board to enable visibility of work and progress
  • Establish a common product and project management framework; the framework needs to be flexible enough to cater for small and larger size ‘activities’ as well as support agile and traditional project management.  This, in turn, will provide Bulletproof with a consistent way of working
  • Introduce lean business cases; Bulletproof will be able to track and measure ROI of their project and product investments
The Agile PMO and framework PM-Partners established for Bulletproof has allowed for mitigation of previous cost overruns, strong resource management, and improved standardised processes for delivering external client and internal projects. Download PDF version
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