Telecommunications Case Study

Network Optimisation Programme


Project had the potential to negatively impact several million internet subscribers.


Solution designed, implemented, integrated and migrated to deliver business benefits.
Transparent Caching Solution designed, implemented, integrated and migrated to deliver the following business benefits;
    • Reduce traffic congestion due to the substantial influx of unmanaged Over The Top (OTT) content
    • Improve the quality of experience for unmanaged OTT content delivery to the end user.
    • Mitigate the impact of unmanaged OTT content on traffic management, incorporating caching technologies at network peering locations and edge aggregation sites.
    • Optimise traffic flow for unmanaged OTT content that travels through the entire end-to-end service provider network.
    • Deliver a 35% bandwidth saving across the Telco Network which consequently equated to significant WAN savings and CAPEX / OPEX savings on international gateway link upgrades.

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