Checklist for Maximising Project Success

Insights | 14 July 2015

As mentioned in Article 1 of our ‘Introduction to Project Management Series’, if you review the roles within your organisation, it can be suggested that it’s not just those with the official title of project manager who manage the day-to-day projects within your business.

Imagine the productivity increase that could be achieved for your business if you placed your staff on training that would allow them to understand fundamental project management groundings that they can then adapt to their role.

In our second article of the ‘Introduction to Project Management Series’ we provide a checklist for maximising project success.

These and other key project success elements will be covered in more detail during our Project Management Fundamentals – an introduction to project management course.

Checklist for Maximising Project Success

  1. Are the key executives/management on board (i.e. do they have a vested interest)?
  2. Is there a clear owner/sponsor for the project?
  3. Are there agreed objectives for the project (specified in measurable terms)?
  4. Is there a clear business case/justification for the project?
  5. Has a risk assessment been conducted?
  6. Has project success (acceptance criteria) been clearly defined and agreed?
  7. Are the right people involved on the project team, with agreed roles and responsibilities?
  8. Is there a clear understanding of priorities (‘must-haves’ versus ‘nice-to-haves’)
  9. Are reviews/lessons learned incorporated on an ongoing basis?

By completing our Project Management Fundamentals (PMF) course and by having current project related documentary Portfolio of Evidence, proving you have contributed to the development, maintenance and actioning of project documentation across the required knowledge areas, you are eligible for assessment against the competencies of the Certificate IV in Project Management Award. PM-Partners provides Skills and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Assessment Services for industry experienced people in Australia.

Book your team on our Project Management Fundamentals Course online today and save 10%.

We look forward to helping you in your project management journey and helping you achieve project success. 1300 70 13 14.

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