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Remaining Competitive in a Non-Negotiable Era of Change

Competitors, customers and legislation all impact your ability to remain competitive in this ever-changing business landscape.

Organisations need to investigate opportunities that will deliver more with less, how to be more efficient, smarter business practices, technology, and to leverage the mega trends that are enablers.

Kyle Loades, former Chairman of the NRMA, will share his experience of leading the NRMA from an organisation that could have been severely disrupted with the introduction of new technology and automation to a thriving future proofed entity. He will discuss transformation success factors including strategy, business models, culture, capability and alternative revenue streams. He will also discuss how Australian organisations need to look globally at best practice, mega-trends and take decisive leadership action.

PRESENTER: Kyle Loades
DATE: Thursday 20 September 2018
NETWORKING: 7pm – 8pm
LOCATION: Ivy Sunroom – Level 3, 320 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000