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AIPM’s Certified Practicing Project Manager (CPPM) Certification


PM-Partners group AIPM Assessment Programme is designed to provide project practitioners with the opportunity to prove their capability through their project work and to have their existing competencies recognised by attaining AIPM Certification.

The programme consists of an assessment process that enables participants to demonstrate competency in a logical, orderly and user friendly manner.

The AIPM’s Certified Practicing Project Manager (CPPM) certification requires a Project Manager to demonstrate that they manage and guide project documentation.  The certification is suitable for Project Managers who manage and control the creation, maintenance and action of project documentation.

About this course

CPPM certification is gained by completing an assessment task where you compile documentary evidence which demonstrates the AIPM’s CPPM competencies as summarised in the Typical Evidence Guide PDF which can be sent to you at your request.  Once you have completed your Portfolio of Evidence you are required to present it during a one-on-one interview between you and our assessor.

You do not need to have personally authored each of the documents you submit in your Portfolio of Evidence, however you are required to show that it is done and provide oversight and guidance of the process.

Each certification level is competency-based and consequently the PM-Partners group program focuses upon assessing and recognising competencies acquired over time via a formal workplace assessment process.

The competency standards against which the award is granted are based on extensive research into national and international best practice in project management at the levels of work found in most private and public sector workplaces. This research showed that these levels equate to levels 4, 5 and 6 of the Australian Standards Framework (ASF) which, when aligned to the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), are at Certificate IV, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma levels respectively as detailed in the following:


Who this course is for

Participants who would have gained appropriate levels of project management competence through previous studies, work and life experience

The Assessment Process

  • You must be an associate member or full member of AIPM to access the RegPM program
  • The PM-Partners group Assessor issues an Assessment Pack and supports the participant throughout the process.
  • A Portfolio of Evidence is compiled by the participant and an assessment date agreed.
  • Current skills and knowledge are assessed against the standards
  • The PM-Partners group Assessor provides the participant with feedback and guidance regarding any further development if required and issues an assessment outcome report to the AIPM outlining evidence submitted by the participant for the appropriate award when ready.
  • It takes about one month to receive your certificate from AIPM (once AIPM have certified the assessment)Note:
    The assessment process must be completed within six months from the date applied.
    The certification and your name on the AIPM register of project managers will remain valid for three years.
    After three years, you must renew your certification through AIPM’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program.

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