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PRINCE2 Agile®

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PRINCE2 Agile® is the world’s most complete project management solution, combining the flexibility and responsiveness of agile with the governance of PRINCE2®.

PRINCE2 is the most commonly used project management approach in the world, and it is increasingly being used in conjunction with agile. As more organisations adopt agile, the need for specific guidance on how to use PRINCE2 in an agile context has grown accordingly.  In simple terms, PRINCE2 and agile each have their own strengths and when combined they complement each other and create a holistic approach to managing projects.

About this course

The strength of PRINCE2 lies in the areas of project direction and project management. However, it provides little focus on the field of product delivery.  Conversely, agile has a very strong focus on product delivery but relatively little on project direction and project management.  Therefore, when PRINCE2 and agile are combined, all three areas are addressed.

Course Objective

This course examines how PRINCE2 and agile methods can interact and be adapted to accommodate each other to benefit the overall management of projects. It will help experienced project practitioners tailor PRINCE2 management controls for agile development.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic concepts of common agile ways of working
  • Understand the purpose and context for combining PRINCE2 and the agile way of working
  • Apply and evaluate the focus areas to a project in an agile context
  • Fix and flex the six aspects of a project in an agile context
  • Apply the PRINCE2 principles and tailor the themes, processes and management products to a project in an agile context

How this course is delivered

Course Content Summary

This course addresses:

  • Blending PRINCE2 and agile together
  • The Hexagon (incl. MoSCoW prioritisation)
  • Starting Up a Project, Initiating a Project (including the Business Case)
  • Requirements, User Stories and Change
  • Organization
  • Servant Leadership
  • Principles and behaviours
  • The Agilometer and the Risk Theme
  • Managing Product Delivery (Scrum, Plans, Progress, estimation, burn charts, Information Radiators, Work Packages)
  • Quality
  • Controlling a Stage, Managing a Stage Boundary
  • Frequent Releases and Retrospectives
  • Directing a Project and Closing a Project
  • Management Products
  • Rich Communication (Incl. workshops)
  • Kanban
  • Lean Start-up
  • Health Check, Transitioning, PM tips

Outcomes & Certification Eligibility

Learning Outcomes

Specific learning outcomes include being able to:

  • Describe the fundamental frameworks (Scrum, Kanban, Lean Startup), behaviours, concepts and techniques of common agile ways of working
  • Explain how PRINCE2 Agile is used only in a project context, including the difference between projects and business as usual
  • Explain which agile ways of working are suitable for use with PRINCE2 Agile
  • Recognise common perceptions of traditional methodology (e.g. waterfall, command and control, bureaucracy, detail up-front)
  • Recognise the eight guidance points regarding PRINCE2 Agile
  • Explain benefits (to the organization, to projects, to programmes, to people) of combining PRINCE2 with agile
  • Describe the need to ‘blend and weave’ PRINCE2 with agile at all levels of a project (project direction, project management and product delivery
  • Evaluate the application of focus areas (the Agilometer, requirements, rich communication, frequent releases and contracts) and their key techniques in a project in an agile context
  • Evaluate the impact of the tolerances set for the six PRINCE2 aspects of a project in an agile context, taking into account the rationale for the five targets
  • Assess the level of maturity of a specific project environment with respect to agile
  • Apply PRINCE2 principles to meet the needs of a project, using a range of agile frameworks, behaviours, concepts and techniques
  • Evaluate how PRINCE2 principles can be applied to meet the needs of a project, including the use of a range of agile behaviours
  • Tailor and evaluate how PRINCE2 themes to meet the needs of a project using a range of agile frameworks, behaviours, concepts and techniques
  • Tailor and evaluate how PRINCE2 management products to meet the needs of a project using a range of agile frameworks, behaviours, concepts and techniques

Examination & Certification

The course includes the Practitioner examination which consists of:

  • Multiple choice, Objective test Exam (OTE)
  • 50 questions, each worth one mark
  • 60% pass mark (30/50)
  • 2 ½ hours duration
  • Open book exam (PRINCE2 Agile guide only).

PeopleCert administers the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner examination scheme.

Course Prerequisites


Pre-requisite options are:

  • PRINCE2* Foundation accreditation or higher OR
  • PRINCE2 Agile Foundation accreditation

*Note: PRINCE2 2009 or 2017 required


Where is the training venue located?

Sydney courses are held at 10 Barrack St, Sydney.

Melbourne courses are held at 500 Collins St, Melbourne.

I require an invoice before payment is processed – can I still book this course online?

Yes. Simply select ‘invoice’ from the payment options during the checkout process and one of our consultants will be in contact to organise payment.

Is this a certified course?

Yes. The exam is undertaken on the final day of the course. Upon passing the exam you will be certified.

Is the exam fee included?

Yes. The exam fee is included in the course cost. Please note: You must have completed and passed the PRINCE2® Foundation exam as a prerequisite to sitting the PRINCE2 Agile® exam.

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