Don't be Pipped at the Post: Agile PRINCE2

Insights | 03 November 2015

Are you aware of the importance as a PRINCE2 Practitioner of understanding how to integrate PRINCE2 with agile methods?

Did you realise that the future-proofed project manager not only needs experience in PRINCE2, but also agile methods? PRINCE2 Agile provides exactly that – guidance on how to apply agile approaches to the globally most recognised project management method.

PRINCE2 Agile seeks to combine the flexibility and responsiveness of agile delivery methods with the established governance framework of PRINCE2.

So what can I expect from the Agile PRINCE2 workshop?

Typically we find that PRINCE2 Practitioners like to explore such areas as:

  1. Practical discussion on how to apply PRINCE2 in an agile context (including for example Scrum, Kanban, DSDM approaches).
  2. The reality of integrating PRINCE2 with agile methods – is it possible?
  3. How agile principles and language map to and combine with the PRINCE2 framework.
  4. Practical application of PRINCE2 in an agile world – tips and guidance.
  5. Confidence in understanding and communicating to senior management how agile methods and PRINCE2 can integrate.
  6. Discussing different agile methods and techniques to share with the PMO.
  7. Assisting project managers in actually running projects in a PRINCE2 Agile environment.
  8. Applying agile methods in risk averse organisations that see the key strength of PRINCE2 being the governance framework.
  9. Improve on time and to budget delivery of projects by applying agile approaches.
  10. Sharing project stories: lessons learned, experiences and advice.

The workshop not only offers international accreditation, it provides understanding of agile approaches and application to the PRINCE2 method.  It is about enabling valuable insight of the skills and processes required for project managers to excel in today’s fast-paced and rapidly changing world. Can you afford not to invest in your own professional development?

PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 Agile…can engage with agile in all of its many forms to provide a holistic project management approach that can be tailored to suit a wide variety of conditions and working environments”.

PRINCE2 Agile, AXELOS, 2015

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