Early Problem Detection

Insights | 16 November 2012

In the field of project management, it is a well established fact that early problem detection is one of the most crucial aspects of an effective project. The benefits of early problem detection for a business include increased efficiency and potentially huge cost savings; the later into the project in which problems are discovered, the more costly and time consuming the problems will be to fix. An effectively implemented Project Management Office can have a very large impact on the overall project, with some of the key services of PMO’s including assessment and reporting, health checks and project assurance – this constant process of review and optimization of efficiency meaning that problems can be discovered and dealt with as early as possible.

In the past 2 years, surveyed businesses using PMO’s revealed a 51% improvement in early problem management, a clear indicator of how effective use of the services provided by PMO’s can benefit project management and overall business.

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