Five pieces of advice to ignore during periods of change

Insights | 06 March 2018

When you are at the part of the change curve where it is all starting to seem too hard (impossible perhaps) and you feel overwhelmed, it is tempting to look for external support and advice.

Advice is a wonderful (and mostly free) thing, though sometimes too freely given with little relevant context and understanding of its impact. Successful processes and outcomes can be very specific to one organisation’s experience, and sometimes people look back on projects with inaccurate memories of its challenges.

A few pieces of advice we’ve heard people give during our 30 years of managing change, that we choose to ignore – or rather interpret differently – are detailed below.

Innovate or die

Change is constant and while experimentation is a must to stay on the right side of innovation, don’t forget about the tried, tested and methodical approaches when you’re managing a multi-billion-dollar transformation.

Act like a startup

There’s a lot of hype around acting like a startup, whether you’re bootstrapping, rapidly establishing or listed and on the acquisition trail. Actually, what you’re looking for is innovation that can be executed at scale and repeated, rather than a one-off big idea. And tweaked and repeated. Think like a startup but use all the experience you’ve acquired as a mature, successful enterprise.

Automate! Automate! Automate!

Technology is invaluable, we’d all agree none of us could run our businesses without it, but don’t place so much focus on using technology to drive everything that the value-based element of your business, your people, feel like an afterthought. People first, tools second.

Make yourself redundant

One of the most poorly implemented components in organisations is succession planning.

The best change is led from the top, therefore don’t make yourself so scarce that people are surprised to see or hear from you.

Think big

Think big, think strategically and be audacious with your goals, but break it up into smaller pieces so that you can test, measure and iterate. Tweet: Think big, think strategically and be audacious with your goals, but break it up into smaller pieces so that you can test, measure and iterate. @PMPartners You will then be able to assess whether the change will work well at scale, and you won’t overwhelm your team with a noble vision that’s impossible to execute.

We suggest if you need help, seek counsel from a trusted source, with experience relevant to what you are looking for.

We can help you manage the doubt curve by providing guidance and advice from our experience in successfully managing projects and programmes. Speak to our Principal Change Consultants on 1300 70 13 14.

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