Witness the birth of the future proofed, Multi-Speed PMO

Witness the birth of the future proofed, Multi-Speed PMO

Insights | 20 October 2015

Agile is very topical in the market at the moment.

A set of frameworks that once were only the domain of IT, focusing on software delivery are now quickly taking the “main stream” by storm. Agile approaches are being leveraged by project teams all across the enterprise and for every type of project.

The number of large enterprises that have adopted ‘business agility’ and ‘improved speed to market’ as the cornerstone of their organisational strategy has skyrocketed; organisations are now constantly turning to agile frameworks to help meet these goals.

Moreover, executives are now viewing traditional (waterfall) project management as ‘cumbersome’ and ‘big’ while they look at Agile projects as ‘nimble’ and free of the usual ‘project management bloat’.

This is a scary proposition for the Enterprise PMO who is seen to be not only aligned with the ‘big and cumbersome’ projects but also be driving some of this overhead! In response many PMOs are seeing their role being marginalised more and more by the ‘nimble and sexy’ agile projects that are being led and managed by the business itself, and in many cases have little engagement with a PMO, or worse are seen to be PMO ‘avoidance mechanisms’.

According to the Annual Standish CHAOS Report, agile projects do indeed have measurably higher success rates then their waterfall counterparts, but there are still a significant number of agile projects that fail to achieve their desired outcomes.

Our Agile Coaches can attest to the fact that even those projects that are seen to be ‘successful’, could without a doubt have benefited by relentless drive for efficient and effective agile practice and from a ruthless focus on delivering the best possible business outcomes rather than just meeting expectations.

While many PMO managers are starting to see their traditional role challenged, we are seeing a renewed opportunity and urgency for Business Aligned PMOs that are actively embracing the agile movement.

These ‘future proofed’ PMOs have built a new set of agile-based skills, and developed robust, yet flexible, project policies and commercial contracts. They have bought into the Agile Manifesto and are actively putting it into practice wherever it makes sense to do so.

The future proofed PMO is applying a different set of metrics to gain insight into which projects are suffering, which are in need of support, and which are the highly competent agile project teams that should be given even more latitude to experiment with creative ways of working.

The future PMO’s governance role continues to be important as it strives for the religious execution of a continuous improvement culture, improving agile practice efficiencies and identifying opportunities to improve enterprise-wide project execution practices (including its own!).

In short, the future PMO brings to the table a new and enhanced set of capabilities that support an organisation’s ever expanding multi-speed project portfolio.

PM-Partners group provides support and guidance to ensure your Agile teams are empowered to deliver.

Our team is committed to delivering successful outcomes through innovation.
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