Governing and Scaling Multi Modal Adoption Across the Portfolio

| 30 May 2019

Combining traditional Project Management and Agile (multi modal) is the new way of working. The multi modal method allows us to apply a fit for purpose delivery approach that supports the needs of the business.

As acceptance of the multi modal method broadens across industry sectors and business functions, organisations will continue to adapt to the new ways of working and thinking. This is coupled with company wide strategies, such as Customer Centricity, driving the need for adoption at the enterprise level (Enterprise Agility).

But how do we scale multi modal adoption across the portfolio and apply the right amount of governance to such different delivery approaches?

In this PM-Podcast, Andre Herbst, Stan Belikoff, Christine Harrison and Grant Moore discuss the following:

– Portfolio governance in a multi delivery environment
– Achieving agility across an entire enterprise
– How these two strategies are crucial for organisations dealing with volatile markets and innovative competitors
– Why all metrics are not equal when it comes to agility

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