Recognising the Qualities of High Performing Individuals

Insights | 17 September 2018

PM-Partners is a company known for its pragmatism, successful execution of complex programmes and an unwavering focus on achieving outcomes. Our success in these areas is due to the individuals we hire – we look for results driven people with high performance qualities and a track record of delivering.

So, how do you recognise these qualities when hiring?

There are a few common traits to look out for – resilience, adaptability and a high level of emotional intelligence.Tweet: High performing individuals share common traits: resilience, adaptability and a high level of emotional intelligence.

These people understand the workings of an organisation quickly. It may seem although they use unconventional methods, but they work through core matters, resulting in a solution that creates the most value. They have an ability to resolve challenges within the business – a talent that cuts through confusion while negotiating compromises, leading to outputs. They are “people smart” and brilliant communicators on all levels.

3 Key Attributes of High Performers:

  • The 80/20 rule. These individuals understand that when you deliver, you can never achieve 100%. So long as 80% can successfully be delivered, the residual 20% can be fixed after. If the 80% covers all essential deliverables, the business will be significantly better off. It will still increase competitiveness and reduce commercial risk.
  • A Laser Focus. These people value time, which ensures that all effort is directed to the company strategy. They enjoy tackling complex problems – it’s what they are good at.
  • Strong Leadership Skills. These individuals understand that people want to be challenged and contribute to business outcomes. They have elevated expectations of the people who work with them.

Of course, the challenge is to find these people. They are rare in business and will continue to be in demand as organisations need to continually transform to remain competitive.

What qualities do you deem irreplaceable in your team? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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