Identifying Future Project Managers

Insights | 10 August 2016

Those in the depths of their project management career will know that being a subject matter expert doesn’t necessarily equate to competent project management ability. Yet, history shows that many people fall into the project field accidentally having been asked to participate in initiatives and programs that align with their existing skills and knowledge. From here, having dabbled in the field, many professionals find themselves on the path of the beginnings of a project management career.

With the delivery of projects and programs critical to the success of organisational change and growth, the ability to appoint future project managers with the right skills and attributes remains ever important.

So what should organisations seek when identifying future project managers?

Aside from the desire to pursue project management, organisations should seek to identify the following skills and attributes when appointing potentially suitable candidates: Strong communication, troubleshooting and negotiating ability, attention to detail, a structured approach to workload, goal and outcomes-orientated, the potential to be strategically minded, and the ability to prioritise, be flexible, and move quickly with tasks.

Having identified the desired attributes, the most effective way to instigate expressions of interest for future project managers within an organisation, is to set up an initiative that directly invites people to do so. Building a capability assessment of the organisation’s current project management cohort on soft and hard skills is an ideal first step, and throughout this process the organisation can then call upon and identify people potentially suitable to integrate into the PMO’s activities and/or structure. Following behavioural-based interviews, references and other appropriate recruitment measures, successful applicants should ideally commence their career change by working on small projects under the guidance of a suitable mentor.

From there, the aim is to set aspiring project managers up for success by enabling official training through industry best practice education. Without this formal training, the absence of grasping the different facets of project management theory, life cycle and processes, will not serve the best interest of the individual wishing to become quickly competent within their role.

As the name implies, PM-Partner’s Project Management Fundamentals workshop provides participants with the essential knowledge and skills to both manage a project end-to-end, and understand the fundamental steps in every project’s life cycle. Using a real-life case study, our best practice fundamentals training is designed to enable learnings to be transferred directly to the workplace.

Project Management Mentoring And Support

With a team of over 300 highly experienced and qualified project managers, PM-Partners group is uniquely positioned to provide mentoring and hands-on support to help inexperienced project managers get up to speed quickly. This reduces the risk of projects going off track, while also building capabilities within the organisation

Having a more structured approach to the way organisations identify, prepare and mentor aspiring project managers is not only a great investment, but a necessary one for the future success of the business and its ability to deliver the best possible outcomes.

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