The Impact of Political Correctness of Transformation Outcomes

Insights | 20 November 2017

Years ago, I sat in a senior leadership team meeting for a briefing on the introduction of a ‘Talent Management’ program into the business. The first forty minutes was spent trying to work out a name better than ‘Talent Management’ because someone might get offended if they do not get selected into the program.

To me, it was political correctness. It’s collectivism. Competition is bad. Everyone is a winner. Everyone must be included and treated the same. By singling out talented people others were excluded. Individual responsibility and accountability diminished. The drive to compete and succeed in a tough business environment and the motivation to be recognised for achievement and superior performance was lost.

Transformations have little room for political correctness. People need genuine feedback. The business needs to be told why they need to transform. For the C Suite, you will be defined by your deeds and your actions, not your words. If you need to filter information to ensure no one is offended, that will slow down information processing, waters down communication, strips our critical data, and dilutes meaning. As a result, it undermines genuine understanding and effective decision-making. It stalls transformation effort.

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About The Author

Ken Sheargold

Ken Sheargold, CEO of PM-Partners group, joined the organisation as a Transformation Consultant in February 2016. Prior to joining PM-Partners he held executive appointments in the NSW Government and Telstra Corporation. His most recent appointment in Government was the Executive Director, Premiers Implementation Unit directly responsible for supporting the Premier in the delivery of his key priorities across NSW.

Ken has considerable senior strategic and management expertise having held Executive Director roles at Telstra (Corporate Strategy and Customer Service), NSW Premier and Cabinet, Public Works and Service First. He also spent sixteen years in the Australian Defence Force.

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