Implementing Change Management

Insights | 30 August 2014

Many organisations have recognised the importance of a sound Change Management practice within their organisation.

A well implemented Change Management Framework that is embedded within the organisation can bring success not only to the ‘small to large’ projects, but also to the broader transformation business change.

So what should an organisation consider when implementing a Change Management Framework?

  1. Centralised Delivery Owner – Centralised ownership of the Change Management Framework is critical to a consistent approach of deliverables and to effect or monitor change.
  2. Develop Change Capability – It is important for organisations to build the change capability across key areas and continue to educate.
  3. Embed Change – Embedding change as an integrated yet parallel component of large projects and broader transformational change .
  4. Leverage Existing Resources – Leverage existing resources to rapidly drive and develop change capabilities. Existing resources know the business better than anyone!

So what are some of the issues organisations can face when implementing a Change Management Framework?

  1. No Centralised Delivery – The key issues with a lot of organisations is that there is no centralised delivery owner. Therefore the effective delivery of change can be diminished as there are many players not coordinating or moving in the same direction.
  2. Change Framework – A clear and concise Change Management Framework to be developed with expected deliverables. Many organisations, at first, try to make it too complex so we suggest that it is best to start with a ‘light’ version.
  3. Resources Fragmented – Change resources are quite often fragmented across multiple divisions or departments which can lead to ineffective change.
  4. Plan to Implement Change – Many organisations don’t effectively plan the implementation of a Change Management Practice and Framework. It is important to Define the strategy; Develop Capability within the organisation and Transition to the change practice and commence embedding it into the organisation.

One key consideration for organisations is to assess if they have the capability to implement a Change Management Practice and if not seek professional help to ensure success.

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