Infographics | 29 October 2018

Substantial investments are made in transformations, programmes and complex projects, but results are only realised when new ways of thinking, behaving or working are adopted by people. To realise investments, organisational change requires a planned and structured approach; yet, our lessons from the field show that transformation capability is low in most programmes.

View our latest infographic on Transformation Capability.

Infographics | 20 June 2018

For those who are about to begin management of a project or programme, there are some key questions that need to be diplomatically and carefully asked of the senior executives (Project Sponsors) that are involved in the initiative. For example, what is the sponsor’s vision for the piece of work and how do they feel it will add value? How much time are they able to provide when it comes to team engagement? View our latest infographic on Key Questions to Ask Sponsors and SteerCo Members.

Infographics | 09 March 2018

We have been running the survey and associated forum for over 8 years - as new business trends emerge we adapt the survey and forum accordingly whilst maintaining specific questions for longer term comparative analysis. Thus far executives and senior practitioners from global and local top 200 companies and government departments have contributed. With exceptionally positive feedback regarding the insights provided even during the interview. View our latest infographic.

Infographics | 01 March 2018

There's ample research and deep thinking around benefits management. If you or your teams are struggling with benefits management, it pays to brush up on what's working for others and think through the best way to approach this for your unique circumstances. The payoff could be substantial. View our latest infographic.

Infographics | 09 October 2017

Successful programme managers need to exhibit effective leadership, display-above average interpersonal and communication skills and possess the rock solid technical ability across planning, control and risk-mitigation functions. View our latest infographic.

Infographics | 09 February 2016

An organisation that is ready for change will find it easier to implement and sustain the new ways of working, and therefore reap the benefits of the change. View our latest infographic on 6 Steps to Prepare for Change.

Infographics | 31 July 2015

Introduction to Project Management. These and other key project success elements will be covered in more detail during our Project Management Fundamentals. View our latest infographic on Checklist for Maximising Project Success.

Infographics | 22 June 2015

Whilst Agile process adoption could prove to be an important part of your project success, when Agile is adapted to your organisation’s needs and requirements, it could yield better business returns, helping you outperform competitors and safeguard business agility.

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