PM-Partners group and Agile Business Consortium Form Strategic Partnership

Insights | 08 February 2017

PM-Partners group and the Agile Business Consortium have formally established a strategic partnership. This comes after the recent announcement in October that the DSDM® Consortium will now evolve into the Agile Business Consortium in conjunction with the launch of their Agile Business Change Framework.

This partnership with the Agile Business Consortium forms part of our wider strategy to better respond to market and customer demand for prompt mobilisation of agile ‘thinking’ practices, leadership, and robust governance.

Developed as a collective two decades ago, DSDM® was the first agile project management framework to emerge, with customer requirements at its forefront. Collaboratively-focussed and with an emphasis on visibility and defining the customer’s true needs, DSDM® is renowned for intersecting effectively with other approaches.

Based on the DSDM® core framework, the PM-Partners Agile Framework has been developed to support the changing needs of our clients, enabling us to apply effective and fit-for-purpose governance across a diverse range of environments. In alignment with the Agile Business Consortium, our model is underpinned by its ability to scale up at the business enterprise level.

Designed to harness accelerated delivery, ‘agile’ is derived from the notion of ‘agility’, with an emphasis on consciously ‘flexing’ to achieve rapid outcomes. Built to endure change and largely value-driven, our agile approach adopts the concept of purposefully ‘going off track’ to ultimately reach a desired endpoint. The iconic DSDM® philosophy is one that pushes environments to foster visibility, not only for the broader business, but for the customer, allowing regular engagement in progress while simultaneously forging stronger relationships.

Knowing all-too-well the significance in instigating or regaining control of portfolios for growth, innovation, and business agility, we have formalised this partnership ahead of 2017 which is set to be an immense year for transformation, growth, and innovation.

For more information on our developed framework, on scaling agile for business agility, or general advice on agile adoption and coaching, phone us today on 1300 70 13 14.

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