PM-Partners group Launches New Short Course Program

Insights | 09 October 2012

We are pleased to announce the introduction of our new Short Course Program providing an excellent way to hone your skills, acquire new ideas and get solutions to problems in the fastest possible time.

Designed to showcase the powerful strategies and business models from a range of subjects that underpin today’s project management and business analysis profession, allowing participants to meet experts, ask questions and gain insights in less than half a day.


  • Gain fast knowledge and quickly try new concepts back in the workplace
  • Appealing to practitioners, senior managers and anyone that requires maximum benefit from bite-sized learning
  • Make new contacts and collaborate with others in your profession
  • Learn from others’ experiences and contemplate ideas you may not have thought of previously
  • Leverage the wealth of PM-Partners knowledge and refresh your outlook with fresh, new ideas and opportunities
  • Less disruptive and easier to fit into the normal working day leading to efficiency and cost savings
  • Gain an overview of a particular subject to see if you require further professional development or certification
  • Obtain professional development units

Each short course contains a down-to-earth overview of best practice, case examples, trends and observations and PM-Partners ‘lessons from the trenches’ (insights and tips from our field experience).

Courses are delivered by our expert facilitation team and can also be held at your premises.

Upcoming Short Courses

Making Agile Work

29 November, 2012 – Morning Session: 9am to 12:30

Explore how Agile changes your perspective by transforming every team member into a key player who is part of successful delivery. Agile Project Management provides an approach that offers agility but retains the solid concepts of project management. Uncover how Agile works alongside more formal project management approaches such as PRINCE2® and enables organisations to gain the benefits of a flexible approach without introducing unnecessary risks.

Appealing to both practitioners and senior managers

Facilitator:  Mike Boutel

Download “Making Agile Work” PDF Short Course Overview

Effective Sponsorship to Improve Project Success

29 November, 2012 – Afternoon Session:  1:30 to 5pm

Project Managers rely on Sponsors to own the business case, authorise actions and resolve challenges outside the control of the project manager, however, Sponsors typically misunderstand their role in the project team and how their contribution influences success or failure.  Improving sponsors involvement in projects is a confronting task that often requires a unique approach.  This half day session will provide you with industry statistics supported by practical insights, techniques and approaches.

Appealing to both practitioners and senior managers

Facilitator: Mike Boutel

Download “Effective Sponsorship” PDF Short Course Overview

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