PRINCE2® 2017 – What does it mean for you?

Insights | 28 February 2017

As you may already be aware, AXELOS are updating the current version of the PRINCE2 guide (PRINCE2 2009) and will be releasing a new version of the guidance (Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2) mid-2017 (PRINCE2 2017).

Why the Changes?

PRINCE2 2017 is the culmination of extensive expert feedback from PRINCE2 users who successfully apply the method in today’s dynamic project environments, and are ever aware of the growing pressures from customers and stakeholders to achieve. AXELOS recognised that both the guidance and exams could be enhanced to provide even more practical, authoritative, and relevant guidance to the project management community.

So what does this mean for the world’s most practiced method for project management, globally recognised for delivering successful projects?  What does it mean for organisations, existing PRINCE2 qualified individuals and those looking to become certified?

The Changes in a Nutshell

PRINCE2 2017 provides stronger emphasis on:

  1. Tailoring PRINCE2 to the needs of organisations and project environments
  2. The Principles that underpin PRINCE2
  3. The practical application of the guidance, including examples, hints and tips

There will be new Foundation and Practitioner examinations in line with the 2017 guidance.

Will there be a PRINCE3?

The simple answer is no – nor is there any intention to go down that path.  The PRINCE 2017 update remains a generic project management approach and as such, there is no need for a name change.

Should I wait to do PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner?

Again, the simple answer is no. Our current (based on the 2009 version) PRINCE2 workshops (and the exams) are still valid and applicable – you will still gain an understanding of PRINCE2 as a practical and effective project management method.

In addition, any current PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate holder who passed the Practitioner exam before the 2017 update remains relevant, and the qualification will remain valid until the end of its five-year expiry period.

New Expiry Date for PRINCE2 2017 Practitioners

The new PRINCE2 2017 Practitioner certificate will have an expiry date of three years.  One option is that candidates can retake the full Practitioner exam at the end of the three years to remain current. There will be no PRINCE2 2017 re-registration exam.

Alternatively, under a new scheme to be introduced by AXELOS, Practitioner candidates can remain current via an active subscription to a PRINCE2 Membership each year and completing 45 CPD points within the three years.

Cutover Timeframes for Exams

There will be a crossover period between the two versions of the exams. To facilitate an optimal transition, AXELOS has announced that both versions will be available from the launch of the update until the end of 2017.  Once AXELOS has confirmed the release date, PM-Partners will release details of our PRINCE2 2017 workshops and crossover arrangements.

PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved

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