PRINCE2® Online or Classroom Learning: Which is right for you?

Insights | 08 September 2014

PM-Partners group offers many forms of highly effective, innovative and unique professional skill development training to suit your needs and requirements.

Due to the high demand of our PRINCE2® Certification, we now offer not just public (including scheduled weekend dates) and on-site (with the option to tailor) workshops but also online learning, giving you the chance to choose a solution that best meets your needs.

The correct choice of learning method is very much determined by your personal learning needs and our dedicated team of Professional Development Consultants can assist you in making the right decision to ensure you get the best results. Factors that can influence your preferred learning method include:

  • Learning style
  • Self-discipline
  • Motivation to learn
  • Budget
  • Availability / time management
  • Current knowledge levels
  • A compelling event e.g. new role
  • Career aspirations / development

The following summary may help you when considering which learning method is best for you:




Unique, innovative and easy to use remote platform. Unique, innovative and interactive workshop based platform.


Study/consolidate your PRINCE2® knowledge wherever and whenever you have the time and access available, completely at your own pace. Up to 12 months access available with any PRINCE2® online package. Convenient and flexible! Candidate focussed learning with highly qualified/experienced PRINCE2® Project Managesr / Facilitators at conveniently located national and international training centres. Additionally, we can arrange on-site and/or tailored courses for your organisation. PM-Partners offer PRINCE2® workshops approximately every 3 weeks giving you plenty of options.

Remote Learning

Take the PRINCE2® Online training course from the convenience of your home as there is no need to travel, reducing work and family impacts. There is also an option to take the exam remotely. Many leading companies choose to bring the facilitator to the team, reducing down-time and providing a tailored solution. For those of you who aren’t that tech savvy, this is a much better choice.


$495 – $895 $1620 – $1800

Knowledge Transfer

Interesting and engaging environment. Some might struggle with the limited contact with colleagues and peers, however PM-Partners provide telephone support via one of our experienced Facilitators. Real-time inter-company interactions and real-life experiences shared.


No time constraints or conversely when there is little time in a normal working week to set aside for learning there is no need to lose working days. Focussed on achieving the knowledge and/or accreditation in an accelerated time-frame. Also the option to gain your certification on our scheduled weekend dates.


Well regarded in the industry for its consistently high scoring and high pass rates. However it is suggested that you have the ability to self-motivate. Well regarded in the industry for its consistently high scoring and high pass rates.


Good for individuals who prefer to work on their own or less need to interact with others. Good for individuals who learn in groups where personal interactions and role play assist in consolidating the learning process. Also increased opportunities for networking.


Recognised by leading global companies as the PRINCE2® education provider of choice. Recognised by leading global companies as the PRINCE2® education provider of choice.

For more information on how PM-Partners group can assist you or your business in improving capability your staff around their current level of Project Management and Business Analysis knowledge, speak to one of our qualified Professional Development Consultants today on 1300 70 13 14.

PRINCE2® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited.

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