Senior Business Leaders Establish Australian Transformation and Turnaround Association (AusTTA)

Insights | 05 July 2017

~ formalises profession as a discipline and introduces post-MBA accreditation with ANU to drive industry best practice ~

Sydney, July 5 2017 – A group of experienced business transformation executives have established the Australian Transformation and Turnaround Association (AusTTA) to assist leaders and organisations better respond to today’s rapid change, including digital disruption, and support growth of the Australian economy.

Formed by executives with experience from big four banks, big four accounting firms, consulting firm government innovation agencies and numerous start-ups, as well as venture capitalists, trainers and more, AusTTA sees corporate transformation as being poorly understood, despite its importance for the Australian economy, major companies and government organisations. Indeed, recent research undertaken for the Association found a quarter (25%) of respondents said they were “uncertain” about how to deal with the challenge of digital disruption.

Despite a strong industry focus on technology, AusTTA believes that transformative challenges are not driven by changes in technology alone. The opportunities, and threats, of digital disruption also come in the form of radical new business models.

The goals of AusTTA are outlined as:

  • Promoting the professional skill-set of Experienced Transformation Professionals
  • Advocating the benefits and opportunities available to Practicing Members
  • Active support for enterprises facing transformation challenges (private *& public sector)
  • Assist individuals and society to minimise the distress and maximise the benefits from transformation

The Association also seeks to reduce the stress and risk of transformations on employees and social stakeholders during change management. A key objective of the association is to “assist leaders of change”, indicating that it is there as a resource for senior management, not just for its members.

Adam Salzer, Chairman of the Australian Transformation and Turnaround Association, notes the group is for leaders of change, “Running an organisation today is more challenging than ever before. AusTTA brings together innovative problem solvers who are working on the frontline of change, planning, strategy, transformation and turnaround management – the people who make day-to-day decisions that shape the future of organisations in Australia and help new ones grow.

“We bring together professionals in change management, disruption and transformation to share expertise, experience and knowledge to help organisations thrive in today’s changing world.”

The group brings together seasoned professionals who have turned around existing companies as well as others who have actively supported the expansion of new, disruptive ones. All are highly experienced transformative leaders who have led major restructures and driven rapid growth/expansions. They come from all sectors of the economy – manufacturing, services, consumer goods, primary industry, creative arts and government.

“Transformation has become somewhat of a buzzword – we’re focused on bringing some discipline to what may have been in seen part as dark art, but is mostly about skill and experience,” said foundation member of AusTTA and CEO of PM-Partners, Ken Sheargold. “AusTTA has been formed with the goal to drive true turnaround and transformation best practice in Australia, and we believe this is best led from those who have experienced the cycles of change within the public and private sector.”

Strong Interest

Interest in AusTTA has been strong as transformation and change professionals in Australia have not come together previously as an advocacy group. Its LinkedIn group – – is growing rapidly as individuals express interest in participation.

AusTTA members expressed strong interest in forming links with similar associations in Europe (IfT and Asia (ATTA


AusTTA is an association of experienced transformation professionals established to encourage global best practice transformational leadership in organisations within the public and private sectors.


A series of “Practice Groups” are developing to advocate best practices and encourage debate:

  • Online content (LinkedIn, social media and website) and face-to-face and video conferencing and webcasts (networking and specialised events, meetings to discuss ‘war stories’, site visits),
  • Advocacy messages and education,
  • Upskilling programs – using available member experiences and development programs to upgrade their skills,
  • Support disruptors – with infrastructure, lessons learnt, social impact on disrupted companies and how to succeed with very rapid growth and constant reorganisation and refinancing,
  • Assist disrupted organisations – with planning, implementation and sustainability of fundamental change in response to changing global/market situations, digital innovations and new business models (includes M&A, rapid expansion/contraction) and a focus on the human impact and culture changes required.


AusTTA Practicing Members are required to have led a minimum of three transformations.

A separate category of Professional Members is for those professionals supporting transformation activities or having significant interest in developing their skills in transformation management.

AusTTA is developing a post-MBA advanced course with ANU which will entitle members to be a Fellow of Transformation Management.

For further information about AusTTA, please contact:

For media information, please contact:

Jo Balfour


+61 405 5 42 018

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