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Insights | 06 February 2019

Welcome to your 2019. With one month gone already, I think we all return the office after our summer break with a mixture of thoughts about how we might scale that mountain again to achieve even better results in our organisation.

At PM-Partners, we look at external market forces and assess what might happen within client operating environments. This allows us to gauge how they might need our support, both today and in the months/years to come.

It’s the same approach for our own business – I’m exceptionally proud of what our team achieved in 2018. It’s almost too hard to think about how we might plan a bigger and brighter 2019, but we have, and it’s mostly thanks to the work we do with our clients.

I’d like to highlight three moments.

Firstly, we continued to grow in 2018 and notably joined forces with OSI, our Japanese parent company, five months ago. In many ways, we undertook our own transformation. We had to ensure we could support a greater number of high-profile clients, with even more significant programmes and projects. Each successful moment helps showcase our talent and value. Since our acquisition by OSI we have added twenty new clients to our business.

Moving into the new year, we see significant growth opportunities with strong teams in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Singapore. We will continue to work closely with OSI to support OSI’s growth objectives.

Secondly, we are especially proud of our Employee Engagement Survey Results, taken in November. It demonstrated the outcome of everything we have put in place over the course of the last few months. We shifted into the top percentiles – now in most categories – and increased overall across the board.

We’ve had a strong focus on encouraging and surfacing the diversity of thought that brings about innovation. With this, and the Employee Engagement Results, we’ve identified opportunities for the next generation of leadership, both in the company and with clients.

Our people are our success, so these results are extremely rewarding. Our people do great work, become recognised for and motivated by it, so the results speak for themselves.

Finally, among many other client programmes, we were proud to be involved in the delivery of ROC, the Sydney Trains Rail Operations Centre. Its conclusion in December last year showcases a truly phenomenal, complex transformation delivered successfully. This included a highly engaged team led by sponsor Tony Eid – watch out for some PM-Podcasts coming soon about this.

Some transformations are so high profile that they impact citizens and government in a truly world-class way. What made ROC successful was the alignment of all involved, from Sponsor, to Senior Leadership Team, to the Core Team of people on the ground delivering this start-of-the-art facility that includes both digital and physical components.

It’s a commendable example of what can be achieved when everyone recognises they have to adapt to external factors – whether they are global markets and competition, new technologies or consumer demands.

And as you contemplate 2019, I urge you to remember that transformations are tough, they are a journey, and you need every single person aligned with the transformation objectives.

Our own achievements are the result of being inspired and motivated by our clients to work as an advisory and delivery partner, while remaining focused on delivering value.

If you’d like to hear how we can help you this year and beyond, please contact us today on 1300 70 13 14 or email:

About The Author

Ken Sheargold, Chief Executive Officer at PM-Partners group

Ken joined PM-Partners as a Transformation Consultant in February 2016 and took on the role of CEO on May 8th 2017. Ken is responsible for delivering major transformational change where there is complexity, risk, many inter-dependencies and conflicting priorities.

Prior to joining PM-Partners group he held a number of executive appointments in the NSW Government and Telstra Corporation.

His most recent appointment in government was the Executive Director, Premiers Implementation Unit directly responsible for supporting the Premier in the delivery of his key priorities across NSW. Prior to working in the Department of Premier and Cabinet he was the Executive Director of ServiceFirst, the shared services organisation responsible for the provision of shared services to the central agencies of government.

He was the Program Director and commercial lead for the outsourcing of ServiceFirst that successfully executed contracts with Unisys and Infosys in June 2015 with a total contract value of $235 million dollars.

Prior to joining the NSW Government, he held a number of senior appointments in Telstra Corporation. Those appointments included Executive Director Corporate Strategy and Customer Experience and Executive Director Service Advantage.

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