Spartan Race

Insights | 17 February 2015

On Sunday 15 February, some of the PM-Partners crew took on the Spartan Race.

The Spartan Sprint is a 7km obstacle course in and around the ANZ Stadium. The obstacles included, stairs, cargo nets, scaling walls, climbing ropes, stairs, monkey bars, box jumps and I am not sure if we mentioned stairs…

Some had the breakfast of champions… While others…

The rules…

30 obstacles, 30 burpee penalty should you fail to complete an obstacle.

Burpees_Spartan_Race_PM-Partners_Feb2015 Burpees_Spartan_Race_PM-Partners.2_Feb2015

Some of the obstacles…


Some raced through…




Everyone crossed the finish line…

Finish_Line_Spartan_Race-Feb2015  Finish_Line5_Spartan_Race-Feb2015 Finish_Line4_Spartan_Race-Feb2015 Finish_Line3_Spartan_Race-Feb2015 Finish_Line8_Spartan_Race-Feb2015Finish_Line7_Spartan_Race-Feb2015Finish_Line2_Spartan_Race-Feb2015

Well done team on completing the race.

Ashley Taylor; Doug Kelsall; Pete Swan; Andre Herbst; Sam Herbst; Angela Birchall; Nik Samuelson; Russell Nelms; Lee Hodge; Alister Hodge; Nekta Vamvoukakis; Jenny Critch, Michael Ayoub; Ciara Egan & Shant Javian.

1 thought on “Spartan Race”

  1. Maureen Critch says:

    Well done to all the team…especially to Jenny and Michael!

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