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Supporting accelerated project delivery

PM-Partners have worked with local councils for 25 years, helping them deliver projects faster, better and with less risk. Their intimate knowledge of government organisations, structures and functions enables them to provide fit-for-purpose solutions that benefit cross-functional teams – as well as the greater community.

Watch Simona Dimovski from Sutherland Shire Council discuss the challenges they faced amid the global pandemic and how their strong focus on agile mindsets enabled them to pivot.

Sutherland Shire Council provides a broad service offering to their community. Delivering this requires multiple business units to collaborate to avoid a siloed structure which can present challenges such as inefficient operations and disconnected cross-functional teams.

Even before the pandemic, Simona Dimovski, Manager of Information Management and Technology at Sutherland Shire Council, recognised the need to mobilise teams faster, implement change management and roll out new collaboration tools in order to build a high-functioning, results-orientated team.

Engaging project management and business agility experts

What differentiates PM-Partners from other consultancies is their partnership approach. They listen, assess and develop a tailored solution that best achieves the organisation’s objectives.

When Sutherland Shire Council engaged their services in November 2019, they were unaware of the momentous changes ahead. But by having agile foundations ingrained in their organisations, they could accelerate in three weeks what would previously have taken six months.

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