Steering Committee Papers – How Much Information is Too Much?

Insights | 09 April 2019

Governance, management and control of projects is no easy feat. Producing Steering Committee Papers is no different.

To note, for the purpose of this article I am assuming that the C-Suite sit on the Steering Committee.

Too often I have been handed thick reams of paper, looked over hundreds of pages and expected to digest and decipher the information in a very short space of time.

For me this, is a complete overload of information. I’m sure most of you would be in agreeance. It is near impossible to absorb so much material in so little time.

The best practice I have seen with Steering Committee papers is to begin with “Items for ‘Decision’” at the top of the pile. From there, a one-page briefing note (1 per item) will quickly inform the Committee of any issues, distilling complex information into a short, structured document.

Of course, an addendum for information can be included so that the Steering Committee members can read should more information be required.

If you are producing Steering Committee papers, it is your responsibility to provide short, sharp and succinct information that allows the Steering Committee to make an informed decision.

Tell me, what are some of the best practices you have noticed that help a Steering Committee meeting run smoothly?

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About The Author

Ken Sheargold, Chief Executive Officer at PM-Partners group

Ken joined PM-Partners as a Transformation Consultant in February 2016 and took on the role of CEO on May 8th 2017. Ken is responsible for delivering major transformational change where there is complexity, risk, many inter-dependencies and conflicting priorities.

Prior to joining PM-Partners group he held a number of executive appointments in the NSW Government and Telstra Corporation.

His most recent appointment in government was the Executive Director, Premiers Implementation Unit directly responsible for supporting the Premier in the delivery of his key priorities across NSW. Prior to working in the Department of Premier and Cabinet he was the Executive Director of ServiceFirst, the shared services organisation responsible for the provision of shared services to the central agencies of government.

He was the Program Director and commercial lead for the outsourcing of ServiceFirst that successfully executed contracts with Unisys and Infosys in June 2015 with a total contract value of $235 million dollars.

Prior to joining the NSW Government, he held a number of senior appointments in Telstra Corporation. Those appointments included Executive Director Corporate Strategy and Customer Experience and Executive Director Service Advantage.

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