The benefits of face-to-face Project Management Training

Insights | 04 May 2012

There is currently a major discrepancy in the project management education industry, which is emerging as the face-to-face style of learning versus the correspondence/online style of learning. Whilst correspondence can be an arguably more time effective method of training, research has shown the benefit of how face to face teaching is reflected in its high uptake, with the average employee in the project management industry undertaking six days of skill development and training per year.

Interestingly, the effectiveness of performance of project management staff – including business analysts, technical professionals, business line managers and executives is drastically higher after undertaking in-class project management courses in comparison to online or self-taught courses.

Research has identified face-to-face learning showed the largest benefit by far; with 70% of organisations noticing a visible change in behaviour whilst at work, as well as through assessment of skills and knowledge learned on the course. Large organisations, in particular, engage external project management certification training for their staff (85%), showing that this segment is one of the most dedicated to the academic and professional development of their staff. Nearly 40% of companies surveyed had staff requesting to undertake project management courses such as Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification.

Larger organisations were much more likely to invest in courses for Project Management Office (PMO) training and employ more advanced project management options.

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