The Implementation of Advanced Project Management Software

| 16 November 2012

Traditionally, the spreadsheet has been the key realm of the project manager, with over 45% using them near exclusively, and in 2012 – the sustainability of this practice in light of new technologies, capabilities and maturity, is declining rapidly. Once difficult and prohibitively expensive, software has reached the stage where it is cheap, easily accessible and is becoming an accepted approach to improve resource utilisation and portfolio optimisation. In fact, over 60% of PMO’s are looking to deploy advanced project portfolio management (PPM) and project management software in their organisations within the next 2 years.

Despite the potential benefits, there is risk involved in this implementation; poorly planned implementation can result in cost overruns and reputational damage for the PMO. The key question here remains; are organisations mature enough to take on new tools? Implementing Advanced Project Management system is more of organisational change project than that of technical projects. Software vendors continue to demonstrate capabilities that are not aligned with those of their clients, and the promise that the tool will solve all their problems. Automating poor business practices can only result in greater failure.

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