Meet our training facilitators

How long have you been a facilitator with PM-Partners?

Not sure, I think it’s around 8 years!

What is your specialty?

Programme Management, Project Management and Change Management.

Number of children

I have 4 of my own, 5 step children and I also have 8 grandchildren!

Number of pets

1 cockatiel, 2 ponies, 3 dogs, 3 alpacas, 4 chickens, 10 cows, 11 goats and a beehive.

Favourite place

“Paleis du Putty” – 113 acres in the Putty Valley, NSW.

Favourite meal

I’m South African, with Italian and French ancestry – all meals are my favourite!

What do you love about your job as a facilitator?

The satisfaction of being able to share my knowledge and experience and knowing that it helps someone do their jobs that little bit better.

What advice do you like to offer your students?

Just start small! The minute you get back to the office, even if you do just one thing you’ve learned on the course it will make a difference.

If you weren’t doing what you do today, what other job would you have?

I already do my other job when I’m not training. I have a farm 2½ hours from Sydney where I’m currently in the process of setting it up as a farm stay. During the day I build using cob (a mixture of cow manure, clay, straw and sand), I work with the animals, I maintain the land and sometimes I get to lie in the hammock after a long day and enjoy an ice cold beer! I make sausages (boerewors), biltong, cakes and process honey from my bees. In a couple of years I will expand and start making cheese, meat and other bee products.

Name your favourite book, movie or TV show, and why?

I spend a lot of my time reading, researching and looking for inspiration on natural building techniques. I don’t watch TV but years ago I used to like National Geographic and Grand Designs.

Share something with us that not many people know about you

I once drove a forklift for 3 months during an industrial strike, I was employed as a Personal Assistant at the time. As a result I held a forklift drivers licence for a while.