Transforming the health of your programme

Transforming the health of your programme

Insights | 17 February 2016

Programme management focusing on transformational change is complex, challenging and demanding. A transformational change programme is a significant undertaking, demanding substantial funding and typically resulting in major change for all levels in an organisation.

So what are the key questions you should be asking to ensure that your programme is set up for ongoing success?

10 Key Questions for Checking Your Programme’s Health

  1. Is there an agreed programme management framework actively and appropriately applied to the programme, and is it widely understood?
  2. Does everyone in the programme have a clear idea of the vision and what this means for the organisation?
  3. Is it clear what actual outcomes and benefits are required as a result of the programme and how these relate to the now current corporate strategy?
  4. Is there a business case that is regularly reviewed and updated (as necessary) to ensure overall alignment with strategy?
  5. Is the programme plan regularly validated at key points?
  6. Is there an appropriate (and utilised) escalation route for project issues and risks impacting the programme?
  7. Is all programme documentation up-to-date and subject to version control?
  8. Is there a clear programme communications approach? Is it working? Are feedback loops in place for all levels, including projects and key business stakeholders?
  9. Is there an understanding and articulation of the target operating model of the organisation as a result of the programme?
  10. Has an independent health check or review been scheduled to provide a true snapshot of whether the programme is on track to realise all expected outcomes and benefits?

A programme exists in a complex environment of change, facing challenges from other programmes, business as usual conflicts, changing strategies and policies, and political, economic, sociological, technological and legal factors.

“Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) helps to ensure that organisations are introducing changes that are aligned to corporate strategy, and that the reasons behind the changes and the vision for a better future are effectively communicated.”


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