Why it's important to have well trained Project Managers

Insights | 23 September 2010

Project management is an often overlooked aspect of business. With a third of all projects finished behind schedule and just over 20% reportedly not being finished at all, trained project managers are able to turn schedule lag around, using a range of project management strategies.

Recently, we conducted a survey into attitudes towards Project Management; the majority of respondents said project management staff should have industry recognised qualifications. An industry trained project manager shows both clients and staff that the most effective and enduring project management strategies are being utilised.

The following courses are designed to boost the credentials of your project management staff:

In these workshops you will discover the fundamentals of effectively managing a project and what makes a project succeed. These industry accredited courses are the gold standard in project management training. The particulars within project management are covered within straightforward and easy to understand workshops.

The following aspects of project management are covered:

  • Examining a project life cycle: such as phase activities and results.
  • Structuring your project for effective management and outcomes.
  • Beginning and controlling a project effectively.
  • Formally closing a project and conducting a review on achievements.

A project manager trained by PM-Partners will have a range of tools to draw upon, particularly knowing where most projects fall down and how to avoid these common mistakes. Being able to create a work breakdown structure and create a reliable breakdown of this for base lining, tracking and control is another significant skill in Project Management. Being able to elegantly balance cost, schedule and scope is another training outcome, highly valued in the field of Project Management. This and much more is provided by PM-Partners.

When it comes managing a project PM-Partners group are a wealth of knowledge they keep up to date with the latest innovations in project management. PM-Partners group provides business and individual’s tools to achieve a fantastic – on time – result for your clients.

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