What Defines a Valuable PMO?

Insights | 25 January 2013

In order to judge overall benefit to a business, PMOs have a pre-established system of guidelines for gauging and monitoring key performance indicators (KPI’s).  Does your PMO measure up?

This system comes in the form of business ratings, and is judged by the degree of integration a PMO has within a business, including its influence, effectiveness and results.

Key indicators of PMOs maturity:

  1. Influence within a business
  2. Effectiveness as a management tool
  3. Results

There are typically five levels of PMO traditional maturity.  Higher ratings indicate a more effective PMO that is benefitting the individual organisation.

The most common misconception about PMO maturity

Many organisations believe that age is an indicator of maturity, however, this is rarely the case.

Ideally, a PMO should be aiming to progress approximately 1 level per year, yet the 2012/13 Project Management Office (PMO) Survey conducted by PM-Partners group showed that 75% of PMOs operating for five years or less have achieved a Level 2 rating or lower.

65% of the surveyed PMOs who had been in operation for more than a decade had reached a minimum of Level 3, whilst 47% had reached Level 4 or Level 5 maturity.

The most significant returns for most businesses occur when moving between Level 1 and Level 3 (see diagram below).  Level 3 is the stage at which most organisations can achieve sustainable results and business returns and for many this is far enough as long as it is maintained.

Maturity Model

The future of the PMO

The current state of the industry is very positive.  In fact, 85% of surveyed organisations are striving to achieve a Level 3 or Level 4 rating within the next two years.

This highlights how important the role of the PMO has become in many businesses. Over 16% aimed to achieve a Level 5 rating and showed they were thinking about things like available resources, levels of executive sponsorship, organisational support and project management practices.

How mature is your PMO?

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