Why is PRINCE2® still the most-practised Project Management Method?

Insights | 03 October 2018

The PRINCE2 methodology has been established as the world’s most-practised project management method. It is globally recognised in over 150 countries for delivering successful projects.

Yet we constantly hear that the world is forever changing; we are facing a dynamic environment with digital transformation becoming the norm (not just a buzzword) and advances in communications, energy and mobility solutions fundamentally changing our status quo.

How is it that PRINCE2 is applicable not just in the past, but now and for future projects?

6 reasons Why PRINCE2

  1. Agility. PRINCE2 has always been applicable in a wide variety of environments, and this includes environments that incorporate agile approaches. Specific guidance is now included within PRINCE2 on agile adoption.
  2. Business-wide. Project management is truly a business-wide discipline in the introduction of change to an organisation. Whilst PRINCE2 is central to the work of the professional project manager, it can be applied with success by anyone who has a project to manage.
  3. Cross-cultural. Many projects cross cultures – professional, organisational and geographical. PRINCE2 enhances collaboration, through clear definition of roles and responsibilities, and promotes success by providing a coherent and reliable universal language for project management.
  4. PRINCE2 has always been founded upon real-life experience. The latest update once again consolidates a wealth of knowledge gained in the workplace, and can be trusted to provide practical, authoritative and relevant guidance to anyone managing a project in today’s dynamic and diverse environment.
  5. Evolution in business practice over the past decade have resulted in the latest thorough, but not radical, update of PRINCE2. PRINCE2 reflects a wealth of expert feedback from PRINCE2 practitioners, the people who successfully apply the method today – where new technologies constantly change the game, where customers and stakeholders continually raise their expectations, and where there is ever-growing pressure to achieve more with less financial outlay.
  6. Flexibility. Flexibility and adaptability are key to success in a changing world. Flexibility has always been a key factor in the success of PRINCE2: the method is readily tailored to the needs of any organisation, the project in hand and the professional role of the person managing the project. PRINCE2 is also highly scalable: its essentials remain consistent, but not all elements of the method need to be applied comprehensively for every project.

All too often we hear that the only constant in the modern world is change. The underlying principles and practices of PRINCE2 are another constant: they remain as relevant as ever and PRINCE2’s strength derives from decades of best practice in project management across diverse organisations and industries.

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About The Author

Tracey Copland, Head of Best Practice at PM-Partners group

Tracey has been involved in management, finance and business consulting including Portfolio, Programme & Project management for 20+ years. Together with her skills and experience, Tracey is a flexible professional seeking to achieve a high work standard, focussing on value-add.

Having been with PM-Partners group for 15 years, Tracey has held roles including Consultant/Trainer, Head of Training and currently, Head of Development. Tracey has provided training and consultation services to clients in both the public and private sectors, across various disciplines and at all levels including Project, Programme, Portfolio and Change Management, and Agile practices.

2 thoughts on “Why is PRINCE2® still the most-practised Project Management Method?”

  1. Brian Mayne says:

    Could you tell what Prince2 Foundation award is equivalent to in Aust qualifications framework?

    1. PM-Partners says:

      Hi Brian,

      PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner are global accreditations from PeopleCert on behalf of AXELOS and do not map back do the Australian Qualifications Framework as this Framework is the policy for regulated qualifications in the Australian education and training system.

      The Australian Qualifications Framework typically has vocational and competency-based assessments, whereas PRINCE2® accreditations are examinations-based.

      We hope this helps, but if you would like any further information, please contact our professional development consultants on 1300 70 13 14.

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