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Today’s workforce must be able to flex in both size and capability.

Agile services and Scaled Agile

PM-Partners guides their customers on their agile journey. Whether starting out, scaling up or looking to improve on your current agile delivery, our team can help.

Our agile services offer expert advice and support for a single initiative, an agile PMO, or your entire agile transformation, we leverage globally recognised Agile approaches such as SAFe®, Scrum, Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) and hybrid Agile approaches to ensure we offer the right method for you.

Our agile services are designed to help you move from the world of projects and programmes into the world of product management and customer centricity.

With organisational agility being the ultimate objective, our highly experienced agile coaches and consultants build, lead, and define the process and roles required for successful agile implementation, adopting mutual accountability for project outcomes before transitioning themselves out.

Agile Success Stories

Accelerate performance and minimise disruption.

As organisations face increasing levels of change and disruption, there is a growing emphasis on speed-to-market, the need to fail fast and accelerated delivery.

Our Agile transformation services are designed to help you achieve rapid results with minimal disruption while reducing risk of implementation.

We pride ourselves on providing transformational roadmaps that are pragmatic, achievable and aim to limit disruption and performance pressure - proven from experience.


Agile transformation is the process of transitioning the nature or form of an organisation to one that can flourish in a flexible, self-organising, collaborative environment of rapid change.

Business agility steers competitive advantage.

PM-Partners' Agile Framework is a hybrid framework for mixed environments (Agile and Waterfall approaches) that helps PMOs, agile teams and organisations with their journey of adopting agile as a way of working. For many organisations, shifting all project work from a ‘document-and-plan-driven prescriptive methodology’ to Agile or Scrum, is an immense change and sometimes an unnecessary one as these methods can co-exist.

Designed to meet the challenges of increased time to market, increased productivity or improved employee engagement, our frameworks leverage the best available principles, methods and practices from those available and can be implemented as part of an agile transformation or introduced into a hybrid agile and waterfall framework that is tailored to your business environment prior and during implementation.

A large data analytics firm approached PM-Partners to design a framework for delivery of their products using a Lean Startup and Agile methodology. The organisation had no project delivery framework (neither Waterfall nor Agile), and employees familiar with product delivery processes were rare.

Our agile services enable business agility through alignment and accelerated delivery.

The Agile PMO is less about fostering one sole methodology and more about adapting components of what works to deliver fast and tangible outcomes. This often involves shifting from a compliance and control focus to one of advice, consultation and support, while establishing consistency and value with hybrid models.

Our Agile PMO Framework helps PMOs evolve this journey. When agile teams and the traditional PMO meet in the middle, it is surprising how quickly the approaches of new and old can co-exist and mature to improve and accelerate business value.

Improve processes to enable scalability and growth

Despite a high degree of employee capability, Bulletproof saw the need for their project and portfolio management processes to be reviewed and improved.

Accelerate results by delivering what’s important first.

Agile is a way of thinking and working that challenges conventional processes to accelerate delivery. Our agile specialists embed themselves into your business, look after your interests and take accountability; helping you deliver, while building capability with a consultative coaching approach.

We can manage an entire Agile release train, manage SCRUM teams, or work in flexible ways to meet your delivery needs.

Camden Council is one of Sydney’s fastest growing councils. It was embarking on a large, multi-million dollar capital projects programme which would require much greater focus on how projects were delivered and reported.

Proven accelerated adoption, ensuring your team is equipped to deliver business value faster.

As coaches, our role is to support, guide and mentor you and/or your team, helping embed the mindset, techniques and skills required for successful agile implementation.

Our dedicated team of agile specialists combine field experience of running Agile projects with best practice and flexibility. They take your organisational situation and current agile experiences into consideration prior to suggesting the next steps, ensuring the best business outcome.

Implementing agile on one project or across an entire enterprise is a business change that not only impacts project and technical teams, it impacts the business (HR, Finance, etc). This effect can be positive, leading to accelerated delivery performance, or negative, leading to business misalignment. Experience makes a difference.

Agility impacts - improved costs, early delivery, and better team work

Whilst the organisation had always had a focus on quality – the leadership team were faced with other constraints, such as time and costs, being imposed.

Enables teams to visualise their agile capability health alongside qualitative and quantitative metrics.

Customers can gain access to our unique IP and platform offering at

The Agility Capability Health Assessment forms part of a suite of diagnostic tools that provides comprehensive Agile measurement, team maturity and an organisational growth platform.

It enables teams to visualise their capabilities alongside maturity and performance metrics. From here, actionable growth plans can be collaboratively established and measured via on-going assessments and comparisons across the enterprise. This enables benchmarking across multi-team patterns and a comparison of team both within an organisation and globally.

PM-Partners agile services offers a team of Agile Capability Health Assessment facilitators on hand and has conducted many of these across a range of industries.

Agile capability health

Equip your team to deliver business value at speed.

Agile is an approach and a progressive way of thinking. It encompasses a set of techniques that enable teams to accelerate delivery and minimise waste, resulting in increased visibility and value.

Our certified Agile workshops have been designed to deliver insights, practices and a greater understanding of implementing Agile methods into both blended and traditional environments.

Watch Simona Dimovski from Sutherland Shire Council discuss the challenges they faced amid the global pandemic and how their strong focus on agile mindsets enabled them to pivot.

We work with you to understand your agile environment.

We work with you to understand your agile environment and deliver a flexible and scalable agile resourcing service. This ensures you have the right people, at the right time, committed to delivering results. 

Recognised as a viable strategy for accelerating delivery, Agile is an iterative and incremental approach that results in regular ‘inspect and adapt’ cadences. When in the right hands, it greatly reduces both delivery costs and time to market.

Whether it’s one professional or an entire agile team, our specialist resourcing services focus on delivering the right people with the right expertise. Our large pool of talent on our books, as well as an extended network of proven experts who have worked on PM-Partners engagements repeatedly. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


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