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Team training and professional development pathways

To be successful in project delivery, it’s critical you invest in people and processes to drive standardisation and skills across your organisation. Poor project skills are consistently quoted as a critical reason for project failure or over-run.

At PM-Partners, we work closely with you to build ongoing professional development pathways and team training modules that align with your goals. ​Our accredited programs provide certification and development across a range of globally recognised streams.

We have developed over 200 learning modules for team training across more than 40 specialist courses. Courses can be run at our training centres, virtually (so your staff can train from home) or tailored to your needs and conducted in-house at your offices.

Coaching, refresher training and hands-on support are all on offer to embed the learning and ensure new skills are put to work in the most effective way across your organisation.

We train over 12,000 people a year throughout Australia and the Singapore region using a variety of techniques, formats and methods: ​

  • Classroom, virtual and hybrid training​
  • Tailored in-house team training​
  • Online, micro-learning, staged learning and bootcamps​
  • Public classroom or on-site
  • Global professional certifications​
  • On-going coaching, mentoring and refresher learning​

Customer Success Story

Learning pathways for aspiring Project Managers

Metro tunnel rail systems alliance is the largest infrastructure project of its kind in Australia and employs more than 400 people.

The certification has allowed existing project managers and employees who want to become project managers the ability to understand the whole process from concept to completion.

The team training participation rate has been 100% and the customer is already seeing the value from what the employees have learned.

Kerrie Hosken says "They (PM-Partners) worked with us side-by-side to know what we wanted from our learning outcomes."

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