Project Complexity Assessment made easy

The complexity assessment tool aims to help those in delivery roles understand how complex a project or product is to deliver based on four key indicators. It can be used during the planning stage or for in-flight initiatives and offers a structured, best practice method of highlighting potential risks and complexities, or to validate current thinking.

Designed by two of our experts, the tool has been tested rigorously by several of our clients who used active projects to formulate their responses. Based on the answers given, the results are an indicator of the complexity of your delivery initiative – the purpose is to uncover the ‘unknowns’ and provide a holistic view of the level of risk/complexity to guide decision making.

Each component of the test has its own set of questions and responses are taken together to calculate the overall complexity, in addition to providing a sectional result for each component. You can then bookmark the page and re-visit and re-score the initiative as you address the risk areas and put in plans for mitigation.

The tool is method agnostic, so it works well for waterfall, agile and hybrid delivery and can be used repeatedly to assess as many initiatives as you like.

If you have any questions about using the tool, or would like to discuss your assessment results, please contact our expert team today for a free consultation.