Centre of Excellence

For many project-led or project-focused organisations, the project management office is synonymous with a centre of excellence (CoE). In reality, however, some organisations set up a standalone centre of excellence rather than having a full-service PMO, and some set up the CoE as a separate function to the PMO. Here we unravel what a CoE

Project Management Tools

With the shift to hybrid work and digital disruption gathering pace, now’s the time for savvy project and programme managers to harness the potential of project management tools to elevate their projects – or risk being left behind.

soft skills for project managers

As more organisations embrace new ways of working to solve problems, project managers need a suitcase of soft skills to swiftly pivot, drive change and maintain momentum. Arm yourself for the future and make sure your resume has these top three soft skills for project management success.

which project delivery framework is best for your organisation

The number of organisations taking a hybrid approach to managing and delivering projects has increased. Here’s why customising your project management framework to reflect this will better support project success.

how to manage change in the workplace

Unpredictability and flux may be the new status quo but there is plenty leaders can do when it comes to helping employees deal with change in the workplace. Taking steps to address the psychological safety of your employees at every stage of the change process is a good place to start.

11 reasons why organisational change fails

60-70% of organisational change projects fail. Various studies show that this failure rate has stayed constant from the 1970s to the present day. Why is this? Here are our 11 most common failings – avoiding them is first step to improving your odds of success.

what is a post implementation review

A notable reason for ongoing project failure is the absence of conudcting a post implementation review (PIR). But what is a PIR, and how can an organisation use this opportunity for analysis and reflection to boost the likelihood of future project success?

20 steps on how to write a business case

No organisation has the resources to fund every project. It’s therefore safe to say that when decision makers are reviewing your business case they’ll most likely be looking for a reason to say ‘no’. This is why an effective business case is about more than simply listing the costs and benefits of a project. As far as possible it needs to be watertight. When writing a business case, use our comprehensive checklist and prove your project is worth the investment.

Checklist for a successful PMO

When project management office (PMO) success is so closely tied to organisational success, it is essential to set up your PMO to ensure the best possible outcomes. Download this checklist of the most important elements to consider.

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building a business case

Developing an effective business case doesn’t have to be a case of trial and error. Whatever the project, a strong business cases typically reflects a number of common characteristics. Here we share five key traits to bear in mind when building a business case to get your project over the line and achieve desired business results.


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