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Agile coaching

Agile Coaching: Succeeding with Scrum

In recent years our client has been under increasing pressure to deliver large transformational initiatives more rapidly. Whilst the organisation had always had a focus on quality – the leadership team were faced with other constraints, such as time and costs, being imposed. Each department within the organisation traditionally ran projects using waterfall-based…
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Featured Insights

22 June 2020

Back to new normal

Think back a year: what were you doing? Busy with work, planning a ski trip, wrangling a young family, off on an overseas holiday? Ah, normality… those were the days. Fast-forward to 2020…
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15 June 2020

Battle scars from the virtual realm

So here we are, in the middle of a pandemic, doing our best to survive and acclimatise to our ‘new norm’. For many, this means building a home office, dealing with constant family ‘noise’ and managing…
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10 June 2020

Better end-of-project transitions mean better outcomes

When you are in the midst of a complex project, your key concerns are around developing a product or solution that will realise all the benefits initially…
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NSW Government

AgileSHIFT® (Enterprise Agility) Certificate Course

“I attended the AgileSHIFT® course and I think it’s a great opportunity for organisations looking to start the agile journey and gain a good understanding of how to move forward.”

– CHRIS BLOOM – NSW Department of Education


Project Management in Practice Course (Module 2)

“Great facilitator, wealth of knowledge and so enthusiastic about the project management world. Thanks!”

– IAN CAMPBELL – Westpac

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