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From waterfall to Agile, from projects, programmes and portfolios to product management, to transformations and organisational change, our expert team helps to deliver, advise on delivery, and upskill your people so they can execute with success.

We are strong advocates and practitioners of Agile and Scaled Agile, and have a 25-year pedigree in traditional project management, programme management and portfolio execution. We believe our multi-modal approach enables the right blend of best practice frameworks and methods for your organisation to succeed.

Known to reduce risk, improve costs and services, PM-Partners are also skilled at driving measurable, long-term value to our customers.

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how to manage change in the workplaceRead more +14 October 2021 By Jessica in Advisory, Change Management, Delivery

Helping employees deal with change in the workplace

Unpredictability and flux may be the new status quo but there is plenty leaders can do when it comes to helping employees deal with change in the workplace. Taking steps to address the psychological safety of your employees at every stage of the change process is a good place to start.
11 reasons why organisational change failsRead more +08 October 2021 By Jessica in Advisory, Change Management, Delivery

11 reasons why organisational change fails

60-70% of organisational change projects fail. Various studies show that this failure rate has stayed constant from the 1970s to the present day. Why is this? Here are our 11 most common failings – avoiding them is first step to improving your odds of success.
what is a post implementation reviewRead more +01 October 2021 By Jessica in Advisory, Assurance and governance, Delivery, Projects and Programmes

Why you need a post implementation review for your project

A notable reason for ongoing project failure is the absence of conudcting a post implementation review (PIR). But what is a PIR, and how can an organisation use this opportunity for analysis and reflection to boost the likelihood of future project success?