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From waterfall to Agile, projects, programmes and portfolios, to transformations and organisational change, our expert team helps to deliver projects, advise on delivery, and upskill your people so they can execute with success.

We are strong advocates and practitioners of Agile and Scaled Agile, and have a 25-year pedigree in traditional project management, programme management and portfolio execution. We believe our multi-modal approach enables the right blend of best practice frameworks and methods for your organisation to succeed.

Known to reduce risk, improve costs and services, PM-Partners are also skilled at driving measurable, long-term value to our customers.

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lessons learned from pmo failureRead more +27 July 2021 By Jessica in Advisory, Projects and Programmes

5 lessons learned from PMO failure

Here we outline some key reasons why many PMOs fail and what we can learn from their mistakes. Discover what the PMO of the future will look like based on current trends and re-imagine your PMO for success.
Managing remote work and teams effectivelyRead more +21 July 2021 By Jessica in Change Management, Projects and Programmes

Managing projects effectively in a remote work environment

With the latest COVID outbreak in NSW forcing project managers back to a remote-only work environment, it’s a perfect time to review what works and what doesn’t when managing projects from home.
Quinn Dodsworth what is the agile journeyRead more +16 July 2021 By Jessica in Agile and Scaled Agile

What is the Agile journey

If you’re looking to make your organisation more responsive to change, embarking on ‘The Agile Journey’ is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’. Here we outline what this journey typically entails and provide access to some of the key information you need to set off on the right foot.