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Many organisations already have a team of professionals who are well equipped to deliver successful outcomes. However, there may be room for improvement. Our expert project management advisors can help to reduce delivery costs, lower delivery risk and lift delivery capabilities across traditional and agile approaches.

PM-Partners offers a range of project management and agile advisory services to improve the way you work. From setting up your projects and programmes for success, ensuring you have the correct methods, frameworks and governance, and mapping your pathway to Agile, helping you select the right Agile for you, through to rescuing delivery in distress, we can help you with simple and pragmatic advice, just as we've helped numerous organisations over the past 25 years.

Continuous Assurance breaks the cycle of cost overruns and delivery failure by driving an ongoing program of improvements to the way you deliver.

PM-Partners' Continuous Assurance service is a proactive approach to identifying problems earlier in the delivery lifecycle and preventing them from reoccurring. We connect regular assurance outputs with a dynamic improvements roadmap and work in collaboration with your teams to put recommendations into play as new initiatives are stood up.

Unlike spot checks or one-off engagements, Continuous Assurance creates a culture of improvement inside your organisation and offers the potential to effectively address the capability gaps that contribute to poor delivery performance. This approach drives down risk and costs, increases potential benefits over the long term and ensures the assurance ROI is realised.

The main difference between Continuous Assurance and traditional project assurance is the outcome – continual improvements.

Sydney train going through the Harbour Bridge

Customer Story
Sydney Trains Rail Operations Centre was a $276M programme for an integrated, state-of-the-art operations centre at Green Square in Sydney and an indispensable element of Sydney’s future transport strategy. PM-Partners was called in when the setup of the new Rail Operations Centre was challenged (including building, business, IT and processes).

Every delivery team, whether working in a project or Agile environment, runs into challenges at some point. Without sufficient transparency and the correct controls, issues can spiral and become difficult and costly to resolve.

Effective assurance provides another set of eyes, flagging problems earlier in the delivery cycle and increasing rates of success and return on investment. A health check, for example, can capture and resolve issues and non-compliances in a cost-effective way, which can then be applied to future delivery.

  • Set up for success reviews ensure you have the right scope, resources, capabilities etc. to drive success from the start.
  • Health checks provide a point-in-time assessment and recommendations to ensure delivery remains on track.
  • Post implementation reviews provide a deep-dive analysis of what worked, what didn’t go so well and a set of recommendations to improve future initiatives.

At PM-Partners, we focus on providing pragmatic and practical advice, considering the unique environment for each customer, along with international best practice and experience from our team of experienced experts and our rich intellectual property.

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This independent review was tasked with assessing the current state health of the project to determine if the project was on a pathway to delivery success and if not, documentation via a report of prioritised findings and recommendations requiring attention.

Projects and Agile initiatives often run into problems and sometimes it can be hard to see a path to success.

In most cases, with the right approach, they can be brought back on track to either deliver the original outcomes, or a re-scoped result that recoups all or part of the investment.

PM-Partners is well practiced in rescuing failing or stressed projects, programmes and Agile delivery initiatives. We apply well-proven methods and approaches to map out a way forward with clear benefits and outcomes. If needed, we can take ownership to get the delivery back on track, then hand it back to you once issues are resolved.

Sydney train going through the Harbour Bridge

The Rail Operations Centre was a ‘must deliver’ $276m transformation programme for Sydney Trains. A mid-point review of Sydney Trains’ Rail Operations Centre programme revealed a number of critical challenges.

In a world where more and more organisations are delivering projects using Agile and waterfall methods, the need for a PMO/EPMO has never been greater to track success, balance resources and provide best practice.

PM-Partners can build, refresh or re-energise your complete PMO environment quickly. Customised to your needs, services can include:

  • Assessment / health check
  • Set up and build
  • Tooling
  • Run / PMO-as-a-Service
  • Hybrid PMO

With an accelerating pace of change comes increased pressure to do more with less, and while our research indicates that the PMO is fast becoming an organisational fixture, its value is being questioned more than ever.

Our services are designed to provide you with the necessary experience, advice and tools for every step of your PMO development. This ensures your PMO fulfils its intended role and delivers maximum value.

People walking inside the Australian Post office

Australia Post had been experiencing challenges related to programme delivery and needed our assistance in creating a Programme Management Framework based on industry best practice. See what proved key to the success of the engagement.

Tooling for your projects, portfolios and Agile teams is more and more critical. With the right software or digital platform, you can not only drive consistency in process but also provide transparency to all levels of the organisation.

This transparency gives you the information to act early when issues start to arise, track accurately to budget and then measure benefits as they are realised.

PM-Partners is tool agnostic and provides experienced and independent advice on the best tool (or combination of tools) for your project teams, your Agile teams, your PMO, your EPMO and your transformation office.

We can then work with your selected vendor to ensure the implementation is aligned to your methods and frameworks and, most importantly, drives the outcomes your need from this investment. We also ensure the tool is embraced by the community and they see the value and benefits of the tool.

PM-Partners’ provides toolkits and frameworks in globally recognised best practice for disciplines including project management, Agile, change management, IT service management and business analysis.

Frameworks and toolkits give your people the tools, templates, processes and operating procedures for best practice to be followed on a day-to-day basis. By driving consistency, you reap the benefits of improved delivery success, a shorter on-boarding for new resources, a reduction in delivery risk and significantly improved reporting and metrics.

We have a number of pre-built ‘off-the-shelf’ frameworks ready to accelerate your capabilities. We can also tailor these to take into account a customer’s unique environment, culture and regulatory requirements.

PM-Partners can uplift the capabilities of your delivery teams in areas such as project management, Agile, Scaled Agile, change management and business analysis.

Our approach measures your existing organisational/ team and individual capabilities through the use of assessments and analytics.

Initial assessments help to identify where you have capability gaps and strengths, and we typically recommend running these in conjunction with a health-check or review exercise to deep dive into capability improvement areas. This then drives an uplift programme utilising techniques such as: training, coaching, frameworks and toolkits, communities of practice etc.

Rather than being a one-off exercise, assessments are re-run at regular intervals and uplift plans are aligned to the findings. Importantly, organisations can use these results to not only track capability uplift but also to measure improved delivery and return on investment.

Agile and new ways of working can transform your team, your department or your entire organisation.

PM-Partners has guided hundreds of organisations at all stages of their Agile journey. With our portfolio of Agile services we can help you embark on your journey, improve or accelerate your transition, coach your people to embed new Agile skills, or drive your Agile transformation. We can even show you how to deliver effectively with both Agile and traditional methods working in tandem.

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