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Many organisations already have a team of professionals who are well equipped to deliver successful outcomes. However, there may be room for improvement. Our expert project management consultants can help to reduce delivery costs, lower delivery risk and lift delivery capabilities across traditional and agile approaches.

PM-Partners offers a range of project management and agile advisory services to improve the way you work. From setting up your projects and programmes for success, ensuring you have the correct methods, frameworks and governance, and mapping your pathway to Agile, helping you select the right Agile for you, through to rescuing delivery in distress, we can help you with simple and pragmatic advice, just as we've helped numerous organisations over the past 25 years.

The correct set up of projects and programmes is critical. Statistics and experience show that investment upfront pays dividends in future success.

PM-Partners provides set up services to ensure you have all bases covered before you kick off your projects. We leverage global best practices and can operate at all sizes and complexity of project or programme to reduce risk, cost and time. Our expert project management consultants can help you achieve your goals faster, and with less risk.

After significant change to this industry sector, new legislation was enacted to modernise the way this sector is regulated. A decision was made to establish a new, independent regulator who would implement and ensure compliance to the new regulatory framework.

Every delivery initiative, whether a project or agile, can run into challenges at some point. Unfortunately, without the correct controls and measurement, these issues may go unchecked.

When not addressed, and without a system of early warning, impending issues become serious and expensive and can be difficult to improve.

Earlier detection of issues results in increased success rates and return on investment. For example, a Health Check can capture and resolve issues and non-compliances in a cost-effective way, which can then be applied to future delivery.

Additionally, an Assurance Methodology is designed to provide an ongoing and independent review of the effectiveness of the key practices used to manage a project, programme or agile delivery. We focus on providing pragmatic and practical advice, considering the unique environment for each customer, along with international best practice and experience from our team of experienced experts and our rich intellectual property.

This independent review was tasked with assessing the current state health of the project to determine if the project was on a pathway to delivery success and if not, documentation via a report of prioritised findings and recommendations requiring attention.

Projects and Agile initiatives often run into problems and sometimes it can be hard to see a path to success.

In most cases, with the right approach, they can be brought back on track to either deliver the original outcomes, or a re-scoped result that recoups all or part of the investment.

PM-Partners is well practiced in rescuing failing or stressed projects, programmes and Agile delivery initiatives. We apply well-proven methods and approaches to map out a way forward with clear benefits and outcomes. If needed, we can take ownership to get the delivery back on track, then hand it back to you once issues are resolved.

The Rail Operations Centre was a ‘must deliver’ $276m transformation programme for Sydney Trains. A mid-point review of Sydney Trains’ Rail Operations Centre programme revealed a number of critical challenges.

In a world where more and more organisations are delivering projects in different ways, such as Agile and Waterfall, the need for a PMO/EPMO has never been greater to track success, balance resources and provide best practice.

PM-Partners can build, refresh or re-energise your complete PMO environment quickly.

With an accelerating pace of change comes increased pressure to do more with less, and whilst our research indicates that the PMO is fast becoming an organisational fixture, its value is now being questioned more than ever. Our services are designed to provide you with the necessary experience, advice and tools for every step of your PMO development. This ensures your PMO delivers maximum value.

Project Framework case study

Australia Post had been experiencing challenges related to programme delivery and needed our assistance in creating a Programme Management Framework based on industry best practice. See what proved key to the success of the engagement.

Agile and new ways of working can transform your team, your department or your entire organisation.

We provide a range of Agile services to help you start on your journey, improve or accelerate your move to Agile, coach your people, drive your Agile transformation and even show you how to work with both Agile and traditional ways of working in tandem


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