Breaking the cycle of delivery failure with a proactive Continuous Assurance methodology

Authors: Ray Wall and Grant Bridger
10th June 2022

This white paper explores today’s delivery challenges and the consequences of ineffective assurance, and provides valuable insight into how organisations can break the cycle of delivery failure in 2022 and beyond. Written in collaboration with Tim Kinchington, Head of PMO at Cuscal Limited, Leslie Franchi, Head of Portfolio and Delivery Services with ABC’s Product and Content Technology team, and Bradley Rolfe, Program Manager at Ausgrid.

In a competitive, increasingly complex delivery landscape, experience shows that effective assurance is integral to success, whether you’re running projects, programmes or Agile initiatives. With a solid assurance framework and the right expertise, organisations can flag and resolve issues in a cost-effective way, and ensure their investments are well guarded and delivered on time and within budget.

Project assurance

Despite this, project assurance efforts are typically falling short. Research shows that the application of independent assurance is on the decline, and few businesses are conducting preventative activities or putting review findings into action. The result? Organisations are stuck in a cycle of unwelcome surprises and repeated mistakes: projects are failing, investments and opportunities are being squandered and intended benefits are not being realised.

To break this cycle, progressive leaders are upping their assurance game and embracing a more proactive, effective approach. Continuous Assurance empowers businesses to drive sustainable delivery improvements across their portfolios, reducing risk and cost and maximising ROI.

By taking assurance to the next level, organisations can cut the cycle of failure and replace it with a cycle of continuous improvement and delivery success.

PM-Partners 2022 Assurance Survey infographic

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