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Today’s world is full of disruption and change, so many organisations are looking at how they can operate and think in new ways to react to changes quickly.

Business Agility provides a fresh mindset and ways of working to enable an organisation to both react quickly to change and to optimise innovation through experimentation and a lean approach to driving and prioritising change.

By building Business Agility awareness and skills, your organisation can react and drive change more effectively as your people understand how to apply both the mindset and tools in their day-to-day roles.
Big Room Training is an immersive and hands-on experience that drives both learning and team building for all the attendees.

This 1-day course gives attendees the core foundational knowledge of Business Agility which is reinforced through hands-on, fun, and interactive learning activities.

This session can involve up to 60 attendees at a time, making this a high-impact event to energise and motivate your teams, as well as driving Business Agility improvement.

Who Should Attend?

  • Organisations who want to drive innovation and Business Agility
  • Organisations who have rolled out Agile in their IT teams and want the business to understand what Agile means for the business
  • Organisations who want to take the first step to new ways of working

This course is aimed at organisations who want to drive agility in their non-IT business units, without embarking on moving to “Agile”. Business Agility is as much about mindset and culture as it is about applying new approaches and ways of working.

This course will enable participants to:

  • Understand why and how Business Agility can drive results
  • Understand the difference between Agile and Business Agility
  • Successfully apply Business Agility techniques to their roles
  • Apply Business Agility best practice
  • Use Business Agility concepts of Lean and Design Thinking
Key Topics

Introduction to Business Agility

  • Definition of Business Agility
  • Differences between Business Agility and Agile methodology
  • Benefits of Business Agility

Building Business Agility

  • Importance of organisational culture
  • Characteristics of a culture of agility
  • Steps for building a culture of agility

Principles and Mindset

  • Principles and mindset
  • Importance of adapting to change
  • Embracing failure as a learning opportunity

Agility in Action

  • Applying Business Agility to different business functions
  • Best practices for implementing Business Agility

Lean and Design Thinking

  • Key principles and practices of Lean and Design Thinking

A comprehensive participant workbook is provided.

No exam.

On completion of this course, you will be awarded with a PM-Partners digital badge. These are widely accepted by leading organisations as recognition of specialist training and often shared on social media.

On the last day of training, you will be provided with a Digital Credential via the Credly Acclaim platform. This badge can be added directly to your LinkedIn profile and/or shared to your newsfeed, or other professional profile, to share your achievement with your network.

Participants are requested to complete pre-course work prior to the course. Failure to complete pre-course work may mean that you are not ready to fully participate in the course and may limit your ability to gain the outcomes you are hoping to achieve.

Pre-course work will be sent out 2 weeks prior to course commencement and is expected to take approximately 1 hour to complete.

Where is the training venue located?

This course is on demand and can be delivered virtually or at the customer's location.

I require an invoice before payment is processed, can I still book this course online?

Yes. Simply select ‘invoice’ from the payment options during the checkout process and one of our consultants will be in contact to organise payment.

Is this a certified course?

No. This is not an accredited certification but participants will receive a digital badge.

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Duration: 1 day
Exam: No exam

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